Home Crime Prison Warder Shoots Dead Two Colleagues

Prison Warder Shoots Dead Two Colleagues


A prison warder at Bugungu Y.O Government prison has shot dead his two colleagues.

Jacob Otim No 16734 shot dead his two fellows including Wardress Eunice Abwot, 25 and Edward Namanya, 29.

Abwot hails from Laroo Sub-County, Gulu District while Namanya is from Rwamucucu Sub-County, Rukiga District. 

“The incident occurred at around 0715 HRS in the morning when WDR Otim Jacob signed a gun to go for general duties only to head to the Sentry where WDRSS Abwot Eunice was working and shot her dead instantly,” Frank Baine the Prison Spokesperson said in a press statement. 

On hearing the sound of the Gun, the second sentry, Baine said WDR Namanya came to establish the cause of shooting. 

“Unfortunately he was too shot dead by Otim,” 

After shooting the two dead, Baine said that Otim tried to commit suicide but failed.

“Otim was was then subdued by other staff on duty and detained,” he said adding,

“Police was called in immediately, took over the crime scene, exhibits and the culprit for further management.

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