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Practice good hand hygiene to avoid current wave of viral influenza-Ministry


In every rainy season of the year, Uganda is affected by a season influenza pattern that disturbs many mostly in urban centers. 

These patterns happen in two seasons with two peaks with the first peaking in March and the second in September.

According to experts in the health sector, these peaks are attributed to the virus surviving because of humidity, precipitation (rains) and high populations interactions in urban centers.

In a statement released on May 12th, Dr. Henry Mwebesa the Director General of Health Services informed the general public of the presence of a wave of viral influenza (flu) illness that is circulating within the population.

The Director General also noted that the commonly affected age groups as per their observations are those under the age of 5 plus the elderly of 60 years and above.

Much as 2% of the individuals that get this viral influenza may get a severe respiratory disease, Mwebesa noted that lately there are no records of any consistent increase in hospitalizations due to this influenza.

This illness circulating within the population is characterized by a runny nose, headache (mainly frontal), dry cough, intermittent fevers and a general body weakness which may persist for a couple of days before complete reduction.

The statement encouraged the general public to urgently practice good hand hygiene, avoid hugging and shaking hands, wearing face masks and to also avoid public gatherings.

The Health Ministry also appealed to all symptomatic individuals to seek clinical care from the nearest health facility and to always adhere to treatment as prescribed by the health worker.

While many are suspicious that this could be a new wave of Covid19, the Ministry reechoed that there is no evidence of any covid19 resurgence in the country lately and the population shouldn’t go in panic mode.

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