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Police Wages War on Homosexuality 


Police has waged a serious war on homosexuality, which has become a public concern.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga  said that they will not seat back as young adults continue to be sodomized and victimized in other ways that are un natural according to the Penal Code. 

Last week, the territorial Police of Rwizi and Mbarara arrested a business man of Kilembe cell in Nyamityobora named Saturday Micheal on accounts of sexually grooming into sodomy and molesting two male victims aged 17 and 18years respectively.

According to Enanga, Michael has been doing this evil act for the last two months of January and February 2023 and all this came to attention of the Police when the victims reported this employer.

SCP Fred Enanga the Police Spokesperson speaking to reporters

“This suspect who doubles as an employer to these victims has been getting young boys to vend his pineapples in Mbarara city, while in their room which he also resides in at night it has been reported that he has been repeatedly sodomizing them in turns which later came to attention of the Police” Enanga explained. 

Enanga noted that upon receiving these reports, they took immediate action, subjected victims to medical examination where they found out proofs of ruptured anus and then after they arrested the suspect.

“For those he victimized that are below 17years he is going to be charged with aggravated defilement and those above 18years he will be charged with engaging in un natural sex practices.” Furious Enanga added.

Enanga also highlighted that sodomy is now a growing concern in public and he vowed to fight it because it’s a bad development which they can’t just seat down and watch.

Police also expressed concern on the growing number of homosexuality and pornography videos all over social media lately and it promised that all the joint security agencies will do everything in their means to ensure that the young generation is safe guarded.

Police also called upon the public, child defenders and local leaders to team up with them in fighting suspects of child sex acts and exploitation with the help of their experienced detectives such that these actions that are illegal in the country aren’t practiced anywhere.

On February 10th, the Archbishop of Church of Uganda the Most Rev. Dr. Stephen Kazimba Mugalu issued a statement warning Ugandans not to lose their souls to homosexuality because of money as this is an act that was prohibited by God the most high.

The Archbishop made these remarks as he was announcing their separation with the Church of England which early this month okayed the blessing of same-sex unions.

Kazimba also warned of the well-funded Gay organizations that are recruiting children into homosexuality all over the country and he appealed to the head teachers to make thorough research to any organization that brings money and resources in their schools.

This developments come shortly after the National NGO Bureau released a report where it named 26 Organizations that are believed to be promoting homosexuality activities in Uganda.

These include; Sexual Minority Group Uganda (SMUG), Robust Initiative fo Promoting Human Rights, Tranz Network Uganda and Ubuntu Law and Justice Centre.

Others are;  Freedom and Roam Uganda, Uganda Key Population consortium, Human Rights Awareness and promotion Forum Uganda (HRAPF), Lady Bird empowerment centre, FEM Alliance Uganda, Rainbow mirrors Uganda, Women with a mission, Initiative for rescue Uganda and Icebreakers Uganda. 

The list also includes; East African Visual Artists, Justice and Economic Empowerment for Women and Girls’ Foundation Uganda Ltd (JEEWAG), Visual Echoes for Human Rights Advocacy (VEHRA), Children of the Sun Foundation Ugand, Refugee Support project, Empowered at Dusk Women’s Association (EADWA), Men of the night Uganda, Serving Lives Under Marginalization (SLUM), Service Workers in Group Foundation Uganda, Let’s Walk Uganda 20. Come Out Post Test Club-Uganda (COPTEC), Hope Mbale and Universal Coalition of Affirming Africans Uganda.

In 2018, President Yoweri Museveni signed the Anti-Homosexuality bill into law which the Parliament had collectively passed in 2014.

Under this law, anyone found guilty of same-sex relations would automatically be sentenced to a lifetime behind bars, extending punishments to people involved in promoting homosexuality and it also institutionalizes hatred and discrimination against homosexuals in Uganda. 

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