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Police Okayed Our New Party Leadership–Kibalama NUP Faction Speaks Out on EC Disappointments

Kibalama-right-and-Bodi-Wine-on-the-day-NUP-was-unveiled in 2021

The leadership of the National Unity Platform (NUP) party faction led by Moses Nkonge Kibalama has revealed that they will not back off from claiming what rightfully belongs to them.

Following a letter where the Electoral Commission Secretary-General, Russel Mulekwa informed Kibalama and his clique that they should return to Kamwokya, the latter has spit fire instead.

Speaking to DaParrot, Paul Simbwa Kagombe, the party secretary-general said that even the police recognizes their leadership and okayed them to conduct their political activities.

In the June 14 letter seen by this Website, John Nuwagira who wrote for the Inspector general of Police informed Kibalama and his clique that they are free to conduct their activities.

“This serves to inform you that the IGP took note of the process in your party that led to the election of the current Central Executive Committee of the National Unity Platform,” reads part of the letter

“There is thus no need for scheduling any meeting to individually introduce the party. the Executive Members and current administrative Leadership of Police take note of respective elective offices. Please execute your duties in line with the law. Thank you for the anticipated cooperation,” it adds

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The proposed letter from the police to the new NUP leadership

Speaking to DaParrot, Ssimbwa said that they will not be intimated.

“The game is getting more interesting for those who understand it no retreat no surrender, we need to read and fire back we shall not back off simply because the regulator has scoffed, we must challenge him as well. Now the EC has given us more energy to hit the masquerades harder even. We must stand our position of bringing back what belongs to us no matter what it takes “Winners are not quitters,” he said

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Response to EC Letter

In the June 22, statement to the public, Gideon Tugume the party spokesperson said that the letter is fake and not from EC as claimed by social media.

“Please note the resignation letter you are referring to of MR. NKONGE KIBALAMA MOSES was in the acting capacity of the presidency as per Article 5 of the National Unity Platform (NUP) Constitution which he assumed after the death of our party president Mr. JOSEPH NYANZI who died in 2012. Article 6 of the National Unity Platform Constitution mandates the position of the Vice President /Party leader,” reads part of the letter

“You shouldn’t forget that MR. NKONGE KIBALAMA MOSES remained the incumbent Vice President /Party leader and chairman of the party and it is in this capacity that he convened the National Delegates Conference that was held on the 27th of May 2022 and per Article 11 close 4 subsections (1) of the National Unity Platform Constitution. Please disregard those in unauthenticated social media messages that are moving around,” it adds.

DaParrot however understands that EC Spokesperson Paul Bukenya while speaking to NTV yesterday confirmed the authenticity of the letter and told the faction to go back to Kamwokya and sort themselves from there.

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