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Pipeline Saga: Total General Manager Make No Show at EU Parliament, Writes Protest Letter to it’s President

Proposed EACOP Project will move through Uganda and Tanzania

Patrick Pouyanne, the president of Total Energies has written a letter of protest to Roberta Metsola the President of the European Parliament, explaining why he did not turn up to their summons on the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project.
EU Parliament, after making resolutions of stopping the construction of the EACOP project, summoned Pouyanne to explain the gross human rights violation in the project.
Uganda’s president has since castigated the EU Parliament which he said is full of insufferable, arrogant, stupid and envy young men and women who want to decide for Africa.
In the leaked September letter to Metsola, the EU President, Pouyanne who snubbed the summon on October 10, castigated the EU Parliament for making conclusions without even first inviting them.
“I have been informed that the European Parliament last week deliberated on and then adopted, in just forty-eight hours, a resolution denouncing human rights abuses supposedly connected to the project to develop subsurface resources in Uganda, linked to infrastructure through Tanzania, led by TotalEnergies,” reads part of the letter,
“I very much regret that the Company and, by extension, its 105,000 employees should be publicly accused in this way by your institution, without being approached at any point for a prior adversarial discussion,” it adds
Pouyanne in the letter informed Metsola that he cannot help but feel that EU Assembly should reach its opinions on subjects that it is free to select itself
completely independently.
“It seems to me that, in this case, the adversarial principle on which the rule of law is based has not been respected in any way whatsoever. And I consider that the Parliament’s adoption of resolutions containing factual inexactitudes, and statements based on unfounded allegations, some serious, to be most damaging,” he said
To cite just one example, Pouyanne said that if they had been asked for explanations, “we would have been able to inform the Parliament that the project does not raise the “risk”, and even less an “imminent” one, of the displacement of 100,000 people,”
“In fact, 723 households, numbering some 5,000 people, will be rehomed nearby in
higher quality housing; other people affected because they own or farm land covered by the project have naturally been taken into account in the compensation procedure,” the letter reads.
“The fact that the Subcommittee on Human Rights decided to extend an invitation to me after the fact, to express myself when the decision had already been taken, for a duration of “eight minutes” (according to the terms of the invitation), does not in any way correct the situation created by this deliberation, because the adversarial principle can scarcely apply retroactively,” he said
“You will understand that I do not intend to accept the invitation under these circumstances.Please accept, Madam, the assurance of my highest consideration,” he concluded.

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