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Photos: Keddi Foundation Donates Essential Items To Refugee Children In Kyaka II Settlement, Kyegegwa


Jubilation in Kyaka II refugee settlement, Kyegegwa as Keddi Foundation Donates items worth millions of Shillings.

Today, the 27th of Feb 2024, the Humanitarian Keddi Foundation hits the ground in Western Ugandan, reaching out to refugee children in Kyaka II settlement, Kyegegwa.

refugees at Angels’ Care School in Kyegegwa district, Western Uganda. This incredible school provides education to over 5000 refugees, offering them a beacon of hope amidst challenging circumstances.

Despite facing harsh conditions including poor feeding and unfavorable learning environments, these resilient young souls continue to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.

The CEO, Dr Keddi Steven, together, with the team distributed essential items like sanitary towels, soap, books, pens, & food to the beneficiaries.

While briefing the media, the CEO, Dr. Keddi Steven revealed that Keddi Foundation has hit the ground again to serve humanity.

“As we navigate the post-COVID landscape, Keddi Foundation remains committed to its goal of serving the community and well-being,” he said.

He further said the donation of the items to refugees is part of the efforts and motive by the foundation to boost the ability to deliver a better life.

Sharing the smallest thing you have feels so special with those that do not have it. A pen or Book may look so small to those who can afford it, but we’ve always got complaints of candidates missing UNEB because of a pen, I can’t just watch this happen yet I want to see a better community”- said Steven Zuluba.

He further said that the time comes when parents are stressed with school fees in this economic situation so giving students even a single pen, sanitary towels, soap, or a book can motivate them.

Dr. Keddi concluded by extending a heartfelt request to everyone to join them in standing with the needy, Whether it’s through donations, volunteering, or simply spreading awareness.

“Each one of us has the power to make a difference and serve humanity. Together, let’s continue to spread love, kindness, and hope to all those in need”- Keddi

Keddi Foundation is set to focus on the Western, Northern, and Central parts of the country this year.

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