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Photos: Captain Mike Mukula asks NRM leaders, supporters to maintain Peace and Unity during Party Registration exercise


The Vice Chairperson of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) in Eastern region Captain Mike Mukula has called upon party members to maintain peace and unity during the ongoing party registration exercise.

While touring the Busoga districts of Jinja City, Kamoli, Iganga, Kaliko, among others during the ongoing party registration exercise yesterday, Captain Mukula said that unity among members will guarantee the party’s success in the whole country.

Captain Mukula speaking to NRM leaders (Video by Freeman News)

Known for his stellar mobilization skills, Mukula during the 3rd of the party’s registration exercise embarked on a comprehensive tour of various Districts that make up Busoga, where he further called upon all NRM leaders to embrace unity for a smooth and successful process.

Captain Mike Mukula NRM Vice Chairperson Eastern Uganda (in yellow shirt) arriving in Busoga to inspect the ongoing Party registration exercise yesterday (Photos: Arnold Musamali/Freeman News)

However, concerns were raised regarding the lack of adequate publicity preceding the exercise, which commenced on March 13th and concluded on the 17th of the same month. 

He further urged residents to participate actively in the registration process. 

“As NRM, we want to assure you that no one is going to be left out, we are going to register all our members, including school-going children,” he said.

Residents in Busoga listening attentively as Captain Mukula addresses them yesterday…he called for maintenance of unity and peace

Low turnup has been attributed to the limited publicity before the exercise even though resources for the same were availed. 

Mukula also stressed the importance of robust participation to ensure accurate representation within the ruling NRM’s register.

He observed the challenges faced by registration personnel, noting insufficient facilitation, with many relying on the generosity of residents for necessities.

Captain Mukula with other NRM leaders in Busoga yesterday

Most of them were given a paltry shs10k as day’s facilitation. 

His efforts align with a broader strategy to galvanize support for NRM National Chairman, President Yoweri Museveni, particularly in Eastern Uganda. Despite electoral setbacks in the 2021 general elections, President Museveni remains committed to reclaiming the party’s presence countrywide.

Mukula also revealed that school-going Citizens will also be included in the registration process and they are finding mitigations of how this will be done. 

Some of the Busoga residents and their leaders who turned up for the exercise.

While in Iganga district, it was discovered that many of the members lacked National IDs which the district NRM chairperson noted. 

Mukula is still in the inspection process and according to his roadmap, he will be covering districts of Bugisu, Sebei, Teso and Bukedi.

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