Home News Over 200 boda-bodas impounded in Kassanda, Mubende for defying lockdown –Enanga

Over 200 boda-bodas impounded in Kassanda, Mubende for defying lockdown –Enanga

Boda-Boda riders to be regulated

Fred Enanga the Police spokesperson has said that their priority as Police in Kassanda and Mubende districts is to enforce presidential directives and punish offenders by giving them penalties as a way of bringing them under control.

In his national address on Saturday, President Museveni imposed a 21 days lockdown and a curfew on the two districts due to the Ebola outbreak that struck the country in early September.

According to Enanga, Police have so far managed to restrict movements between the two districts plus the stay-at-home orders during the curfew times and the public currently is aware of these restrictions.

“We have prohibited the public and private transport movement of all taxis, boda-bodas, and buses as guided by the president and some that tried to protest we managed to calm them down” Enanga added.

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SCP Fred Enanga the Police Spokesperson speaking to reporters yesterday

The Police mouthpiece also noted that since the curfew was imposed on Saturday, they have so far impounded 145 boda-bodas and 3 vehicles in Kassanda district alone, and in Mubende 77 boda-bodas and 25 vehicles have been impounded.

Enanga revealed this while addressing Journalists at the weekly security briefing held at Police headquarters in Naguru on Monday.

Enanga, however, noted that Police are continuing to expand awareness and sensitization in the two districts because up to now some people still have a negative attitude towards those who die of Ebola.

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“Our Police health services, the UPDF medical services as well the Internal Security Organizations are on the ground to coordinate with the district task force to enforce health protocols in these two districts” he highlighted.

Police are currently regulating other activities like the movement of cargo trucks, monitoring of all schools, and monitoring gyms plus bars as guided by the president and they informed the public and residents that this is all done in good faith.

Police also called upon them to be on a watch out for people with symptoms so that they can always alert the district task force because the threat of Ebola can have a very big impact on the whole country.

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