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Over 1500 Kilograms of Expired, Counterfeit Veterinary Drugs Intercepted as NDA Nets 7 in Lyantonde and Lukaya

NDA Officials displaying some of the confiscated veterinary drugs

By Abdu Kimera

The National Drug Authority (NDA) in partnership with police on Monday arrested seven people in Lyantonde and Lukaya, whom it accused of involving themselves in counterfeiting veterinary drugs.

Abiaz Rwamwiri, the Head of Public Relations at NDA said in a press statement that the suspects have been repackaging and rebranding expired fumigants into acaricides, de-wormers and eye drops, “something which an incident that is dangerous to the lives of animals and humans who consume them afterwards,”

“Over 1.5 tonnes of expired and counterfeited assorted veterinary drugs, Agrochemicals, packaging materials, labels, bottle tops and measuring cups were recovered in this operation,” Rwamwiri said

He noted that the suspects are currently being held in Lyantonde and Masaka Police Stations and they wait to be paraded before courts of law for prosecution over these illegal acts.

“NDA calls upon the public to remain vigilant to report them such suspicious acts always because these chemicals end into dairy products hence one of the issues linked to increased cases of cancer in the country,” he said

According to the Public health act of 2012, any person who contravenes sections 111-124 that involves the selling of a drug, cosmetic, medical device or any household chemical substance that is prohibited commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of not less than 7500 penalty units or a term of imprisonment of not less than 15years or both.

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Rwamwiri said that the 7 suspects will also be charged under section 112(2) which states that “A person who labels, packages, sells or advertises any other article in a way that is likely to be mistaken for the drug, herbal medicinal product, cosmetic medical device or household chemical substance commits an offence’’.

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The Public Health Act 2012 clearly states that before a person manufactures a drug, herbal medicinal product, medical device or a household chemical substance he or she must be supervised by a pharmacist or a qualified person approved by the authority and then after making an application for the registration of the product in the prescribed manner which the suspects did neither.

NDA, Rwamwiri said that on May 5, embarked on an operation against megaphone operators in the outskirts of the capital Kampala over their misleading drug promotions which they said was contrary to section 33 of the National Drug Policy and Authority Act Cap 2006.

The Authority after the operations assured the public that the campaign was aimed at protecting them against misleading drug advertisements and it later emphasized its commitment to ensuring that only safe, good quality and efficacious drugs are availed to the public.

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