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Our security is the food we eat, we need to prioritize food security- Andrew Ojok Oulanyah


Andrew Ojok Oulanyah the legislator of the Omoro constituency said that their main campaign lately is focusing on mindset change and also on teaching farmers how o sustainably use their land because every country’s wealth is in the land.

“Our wealth is in the land, we need to convert that wealth from the land to the pockets and this can be done by not only teaching farmers farming practices but also how to manage the financial aspects of it” he added.

Oulanyah made these remarks at the closing of the 12th Annual Indigenous Food and Seed Fair held at Silver Springs Hotel in Kampala on Friday.

The legislator also called upon the 66 member organizations under Participatory Ecological Land Use Management (PELUM) to empower citizens and to sustainably teach them how to make money that can sustain their livelihood.

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Ojok congratulated all the participants of this fair that started on Monday and pledged his full support in terms of food security and indigenous seed sovereignty.

The 12th edition of the Annual Indigenous Food and Seed Fair was held under the theme “Indigenous and traditional food systems, building resilience in nutrition” and it attracted hundreds of indigenous farmers and innovators across all the regions of the country.

Farmers exhibited indigenous foods like Matooke, millet, sorghum, honey, cassava, and various seeds like coffee seeds, and palm oil seeds amongst others and they explained how they have managed to pass them on to generations but with the same value.

In addition to this, the fair also gave an opportunity to several participants to share indigenous seeds and food recipes, free food testing and also discussing how best they can push forward this agenda.

Since 2008, PELUM Uganda embarked on a campaign to restore the utilization and conservation of indigenous and traditional foods amongst communities in Uganda, and several activities including national and regional food fairs, documentation of indigenous and traditional foods, and also revamping traditional seeds have so far been undertaken.

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According to PELUM, their overall objective is to showcase the potential contribution, and significance of indigenous and traditional food systems in building resilience in nutrition and also generate strategies for promoting sustainable food production and consumption in the food system.

Hannington Owengi the Association Secretary General called upon continued support and networking of all stakeholders including government to ensure that the country is food secure.

Ony Razafintsalam an attaché of the Embassy of France in Uganda pledged their full support in ensuring food security in Uganda and also called upon the government to adopt plenty of approaches to food protection strategies.

The food fair was attended by a range of stakeholders that included amongst others Civil society organizations, the private sector, Academia, research institutions, development partners farmers’ representatives, and also the general public.

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