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One shot, as UPDF arrests 6 in Nabweru operation


Joint security comprising UPDF and police officers on Monday morning arrested at least six people after they were found to be in possession of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and planning a terror attack on the city.

The suspects identified as Hamidu Ssekidde, Muhammad Kalyango, Abdul Katamba, Arafat Ssali, Emmanuel Asiimwe, and Hamidu Muyondi were arrested as part of the ongoing joint operation by the UPDF and police in Nabweru North, Nansana Division, Nansana Municipality, Wakiso District.

According to Kampala Metropolitan Police deputy spokesperson, ASP Luke Owoyesigyire, one of the suspects Muyondi was shot in the leg during the arrest as he attempted to run away in a car on Monday morning.

“Muyondi is one of the suspects that has moved away with a wound. This was an accident that occurred in the vehicle as they were preparing to drive away. But we are hopeful the injury is minor and we are waiting for the outcome from the medical side where he has been taken. They are going to be taken to one of our police stations for interrogations,” said Mr Owoyesigyire.

He added that some of the exhibits recovered included 12 wine bottles, wielding binder nails, charcoal dust, sugar, a jerrycan of petrol, matchboxes, a blasting cup, dynamite, and candlewick, among others.

Earlier, the defense spokesperson Brig Gen Felix Kulayigye tweeted saying; “Explosives found in Nabweru on the road to Kazo.”

“These were to be used today in the city by those planning to paint it red. The media should go and see for themselves,” he added in a cryptic tweet.

Major Charles Kabona, the army’s first Division spokesperson who was part of the operation told journalists at Nabweru this morning that the arrest followed a special intelligence carried out last night when forces camped in the area and first held four people found with the explosive-making materials before two other were captured this morning.

“After getting our technical and human intelligence information last night, our forces came to this place (Nabweru) and managed to arrest four people. These people are having gadgets that make Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). The IEDs are mostly used negative elements in countries like Somalia, DRC and recently in Uganda when they hid us,” Maj Kabona told journalists on Monday.

He added that the armed forces have now surrounded the area and will continue to search for more suspects and establish who they are working with.

“We will find out their collaborators. We call upon the general public to be extra vigilant and alert. Surprisingly, none of their neighbors knew that these people are criminals. We have a threat amidst us and therefore, we must work very closely to ensure that we curb such criminality. We shall not allow anybody to destabilize our country,” Major Kabona added.

The development comes days after police warned political activists against organizing an “unlawful assembly” on May 8.

The law enforcement body said while organizers had called upon the public to peacefully demonstrate over Uganda’s harsh economic environment, “the intentions are for violent protests.”

By press time, security of both the army and police personnel had deployed heavily in Kampala city and surrounding areas to thwart planned protests by a section of Ugandans.

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