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Nyege Nyege given green light; to thrive under strict guidelines 

Revellers at the 2019 Nyege Nyege festival

The Prime Minister Rt. Hon Robinah Nabbanja has given a green light to the NyegeNyege festival which had earlier been halted by the speaker of parliament Rt. Hon Anita Among.

The speaker in yesterday’s plenary chaired a debate in which most legislators initially agreed to the banning of the annual event sighting its niche to brood immorality.

Hon Among said that the event is covered under the disguise of promoting art, music, and culture, however, with the agenda to promote sexual immorality including gays which were unacceptable, especially for the children and Uganda as a whole.

Like the many controversies, however, this didn’t settle well for the many stakeholders who expressed their dissatisfaction towards what parliament had defined as breeding immorality in that matter thus prompting the Leader of government business to also take a kin eye into the matter.

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Speaking to the media at her offices in Kampala early Wednesday morning,  Nabbanja noted that it was quite unfair to put a ban on the popular event which has been part of this country for more than a decade now. 

She noted that on top of that the events’ programs have already been running and are nearly drawing to a close.

“The speaker’s volition was on short notice, some people have already purchased their tickets, others have already traveled to the country, and that by halting the event it will cause more losses to the already gripling economy which we’re aiming to revive,” Nabbanja recommended.

She, however, said that the event will thrive under strict guidelines on the slated dates with urges of organizers to abide by government regulations.

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“A number of resolutions have been reached for this and one of them is to harmonize with the arm of parliament to see that this event takes place within guidelines that will restrict those that are coming to celebrate to behave in an acceptable manner by Ugandas’ cultures,” she said.

She added that they have tasked the Ministry of ethics and integrity, National guidance, and the organizers to come up with guidelines that will be followed during the event.

In 2018, the former and late  Minister of ethics and integrity Rev Father Simon Lukodo had also put a ban on the same event but however forced to bow to the pressure having failed to prove his allegiance over immorality.

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