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NRM Deputy SG praises role of private schools in transforming Education Sector


The NRM Deputy Secretary General, Rt Hon Rose Namayanja Nsereko, has applauded investors in the educational sector for taking good advantage of the government’s policy of liberalizing the sector by creating jobs for Ugandans.

Schools have created jobs for teachers, support personnel, service providers, and suppliers.

“This has supplemented the government’s efforts to transform Ugandans into the money economy,” Rt Hon Namayanja said.

Namayanja made the remarks while she addressed St. Lawrence Schools’ 26th, 27th, and 28th annual multiple shows, 2022.

The celebrations were marked with a range of activities, including exhibitions where students showcased various skills ranging from music, dance, poetry, and the goose march.

Namayanja also thanked parents for listening to the government’s call to educate their children.

Some of the students showcasing their exhibitions

She added that education is important if a nation is to develop. She thanked the school administration of the St. Lawrence Schools for organizing the activities that were “beautifully” exhibited by the students, something she said would positively impact the lives of the students in the future.

She then commended the school director and her team for maintaining the institutions in such pristine conditions.

“Having a vision bearer is one thing, but when he is no more, maintaining that vision is the biggest challenge, but I want to thank you so much for holding forth and for keeping the fire burning,” she added.

On his part, Mujumba John Bosco, the President of the Private Schools Association, applauded the NRM government for creating a working environment in the country that has enabled many private schools and businesses to prosper.

“Indeed, Uganda is moving forward. The background and genesis of education in Uganda are very bright and strong. Today, many children have acquired a high standard of education because of these policies,” Mr. Mujumba said.

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