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No Compulsory Medical Examination for Departing Migrant Workers- Internal Affairs


Simon Peter Mundeyi the spokesperson of the Internal Affairs Ministry has clarified the withdrawal of the medical examination requirement which was earlier implemented by the Ministry.

Due to so many cries of removing their body organs without their consent, the Ministry of Internal Affairs included a full medical examination to the requirements of all labor workers seeking employment abroad especially in the Middle East as a measure to tackle this issue.

“After realizing that this examination costs a lot of money, the Minister after listening from various groups of people decided to revoke this requirement” Mundeyi added.

Mundeyi was speaking at the joint security presser held at the Police headquarters in Naguru Kampala on Monday.

According to Mundeyi, this medical examination was so expensive for the labor workers, and also the fact that their companies also charge them for the medical examination triggered the Minister to make this decision.

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The Ministry’s mouthpiece also expressed concern about the recent low- turn up at the passport receiving office in Kyambogo and he called upon all Ugandans who have gone through the passport application process to come and pick them up because lately, they have no store to keep them for long.

Mundeyi also revealed that the team at the Passport office is to open another office at Ottawa Canada Embassy on Friday to cater to Ugandans in the diaspora.

“This passport will be printed in Kampala and transported by courier to the respective Embassy at only UGS10,000 extra charge on all the three categories” Mundeyi highlighted.

On the issue of closure of Sexual Minorities Uganda(SMUG) closure, Mundeyi urged all NGOs who seek to operate in the country to carry out proper registration within the law to avoid inconveniences.

“We are not going to allow NGOs that operate without valid permits claiming to help Ugandans, ensure that you are fully incorporated for smooth business” Mundeyi articulated.

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The Internal Affairs Ministry continues to advise foreign investors to apply for work permits so that they are legally authorized to work and live here in peace and harmony.

The Ministry also noted an increase in migrants from Kenya at the Busia and Rwakaka border entry over the last three days.

This to them is because of the fear of the outcomes of the August 8th election in the neighboring country that is due this week, however, the Ministry noted that most migrants are Ugandan citizens who operate from Kenya.

The Ministry also congratulated the Police spokesperson Fred Enanga upon his new rank and called for his hard work on this appointment.

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