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New UK Premier Liz Truss to Reduce Taxes, Boost Businesses


Liz Truss the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has revealed that she has a bold plan to grow the economy through tax cuts and reforms, which will help to boost business lead growth and investment hence making the country working, building, and growing.

“By delivering on the economy, energy, and the NHS we will put our nation on the path to long-term success, and we shouldn’t be daunted by the challenges we face” Truss articulated. 

Liz Truss made these remarks at Downing Street shortly after her appointment by the Queen of England Elizabeth II as Britain’s next Prime Minister after Boris Johnson who officially resigned on Tuesday.

Amongst the few early priorities as Prime Minister, Liz Truss also promised to deal hands-on with the energy crisis caused by the Russia-Ukraine war plus also securing the future of the country’s energy supply.

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“We will make sure that people are not facing unaffordable energy bills and we will also secure the country’s energy supply this week”.

The new Prime Minister also noted that she is determined to deliver and to them, their vital mission is to ensure opportunity and prosperity for all people and future generations.

After weeks of serious campaigns within the Conservative Party (CP), Liz Truss on Monday emerged the winner the leader of C.P with 81,326 votes which was a convincing win.

Inspired by Margaret Thatcher, Liz Truss studied politics, philosophy, and economics at Oxford University and that’s when she switched to becoming a conservative.

Truss first stood as a Member of Parliament (MP) in 2001 and later in 2005 but she was unsuccessful till 2010 when she won a safe Tory seat in Norfolk.

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Since 2014 she has been serving in various cabinet posts including as foreign secretary which she served under Johnson’s administration.

To become the successor of Boris Johnson, Truss won her main rival Rushi Sunak who was the Finance Secretary with 60,399 votes but she has two years until the next general election to prove whether she is really an iron lady. 

The New Prime Minister is also remembered as a person who campaigned against Brexit but this has since changed to a darling of the right wing of the Conservative Party

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