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Namisindwa: Woman MP Aspirant launch “safe birth delivery” campaign


Dr. Sarah Khanakwa Bwayo, the Woman MP Aspirant in Namisindwa, has initiated a “Safe Birth Delivery” campaign the first of its kind in Namisindwa District

The launch is her proactive move to address the pressing issue of maternal mortality rates.

The initiative that was launched today at Bupoto Health Centre involves the distribution of over mama kits and basins to expectant mothers across the district, with the aim of safeguarding the health of both mothers and newborns.

Dr Khanakwa who intends to unseat NRM’s Sarah Netalisile said her goals is to ensure that no resident of Namisindwa suffers.

Speaking at launch, a mother in Namisindwa, shared her experience, stating that when visiting health facilities, they are often asked to provide mama kits, which many cannot afford.

A mama kit package contains a one meter piece of cotton cloth (baby wrapper), one laundry soap, a pair of gloves, a piece of cotton wool, small gauze, cord ligature, and a meter of polythene sheet which is used on the delivery table

Dr. Sarah Khanakwa’s mission is to traverse the entire district, distributing mama kits to mothers in need as part of her contribution to the safe birth delivery in Namisindwa.

The beneficiaries of the initiative are mostly mothers who deliver from public health facilities. Dr. Khanakwa revealed.

Masai Stephen the District Health Office (DHO) Namisindwa thanked khanakwa for her outstanding effort to help people of Namisindwa District through personal sacrifice and added that pregnant mothers should go and keep mama kits given to them very well.

Namisindwa is one of the youngest districts in Uganda and since it was created it has been represented by two female members of parliament; Grace Watuwa Namukhula from 2016 up to 2021 and Sarah Netalisile from 2021 to-date

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