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Mutuzo Hails Iranian Gov’t for Investing in Education, Humanity


Gender and Culture State Minister Hon Peace Mutuzo has hailed the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran for investing in education, human resource, and humanity.

By doing so, she said Iran has managed to create a positive difference in the lives of people across the entire universe.

“There are many forces against humanity and no country is safe including Uganda, as there is a global soft war going on in our midst,”

The minister made these remarks while officiating the International Quds Day that was organized by the Iranian community and its Uganda friends in Uganda at St. Lawrence University, Main Campus on Thursday.

She condemned homosexuality promotion and stood against the homosexuality plan as it is intended to disrespect the women and family setting, especially in all divine religion and cultural values.

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Mutuzo further informed participants that Uganda is hosting migrants from neighboring countries which were affected by civil wars.

“The current wars do not need guns and bombs but the mind is driven through neocolonialism,” she said

International Quds Day is considered a manifestation of the Muslim and Christian unity to condemn the crimes and denounce the racist and anti-human characteristics of the Zionists, and a symbol of resistance

The function was organized by the Cultural Consulate of I.R.Iran under the theme: The necessity of the commitment of the international community to recognize the sovereignty of the Palestinian people

It was graced by different dignitaries including; members of the diplomatic Corps like; Saharawi Islamic Arab Republic, Embassy of Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Syria, Cuba, Ethiopia, Burundi, delegates from the University students from Islamic University in Uganda, St. Lawrence University, Al-Mustafa Islamic College, Makerere University, Kampala University and Namasuba College of commerce.

In his speech, Majid Saffar, the Iranian Ambassador to Uganda said that International Quds Day was declared by Imam Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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He condemned Israel’s actions of displacement, expansion, and massacre of the oppressed Palestinian people.
He called for working together to establish peace and freedom of the sovereignty of Palestine.

He called upon the international community to stand against injustices and oppression.

“Undoubtedly, the installation of the unlawful and fake existence of the Zionist regime has turned out to be the most significant cause of Western Asian instability and insecurity since 1948. The oppressed and resilient Palestinians, with reliance on the support of Muslims and the freedom-seekers in the world, have stood up against the great oppression and have baffled this fake regime with a series of Palestinian intifadas,” he said

Abdullah Abbasi, the Cultural Counsellor of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, said that the Jihadi movements of the Palestinian people showed that the whole of Palestine has become a scene of resistance.

“Now the Palestinian people have a united opinion on the continuation of Jihad. These incidents and what has happened in Palestine in recent years are the seal of cancellation on all compromise plans with the Zionist enemy because no plan about Palestine can be implemented in the absence or against the opinion of its owners, the Palestinians. This means that all previous agreements are void,” he said

“Of course, the Zionist regime continues its crimes even though it is out of breath. He kills unarmed women, and children, old and young, imprisons and tortures, destroys houses, and destroys fields and properties; But the liars claiming human rights in Europe and America have remained silent in front of all the crimes in Palestine and not only do not defend the oppressed but also help the oppressor,” he added

This, he said is a great lesson that these racist and antagonistic powers cannot and should not be relied on in the issues of the Islamic world, especially the issue of Palestine.

“Only with the power of resistance, which is derived from the teachings of the Holy Quran and the rules of Islam, is Quds Day has arrived once again. Quds calls all the Muslims of the world. The truth is that as long as the Zionist regime has control over Quds, all days of the year should be considered Quds Day. Quds Sharif is the heart of Palestine and the entire occupied country is the continuation of Quds. The Palestinian nation shows every day more than in the past that it stands and will stand against the oppressor. With their selfless actions, the youth have become the shield of Palestine’s defense and herald a different future,” he said

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The Zionist regime, he said is facing many problems in both political and military fields; Polls say that almost 70% of Palestinians encourage Palestinian leaders to launch military attacks against the Zionist regime.

“This is an important phenomenon; Because it means that the Palestinians are fully prepared to confront the Zionist regime, and it leaves the Mujahid organizations free to intervene whenever they deem necessary,”

The Islamic Republic of Iran is a supporter of the Resistance Front and Palestine; We have always said this and we are acting on it and insisting on it.

“In the end, we salute the souls of the Palestinian martyrs, we pay our respects to their patient families, and we salute the Palestinian prisoners who resist with a firm will,” he said.

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Dr. Tamouh Mustafa, the Honorary Consul of the Arab Republic of Syria rallied participants to study human rights more as the people who claim to be human rights defenders don’t act ethically and practically.

The Ambassador of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic noted most people know about the current trends in Palestine but less has been done to amplify the voices and demand for equal rights and justice.

He commended Uganda for being one of the significant nations that respect the principle of peace and security.

He expressed full solidarity towards the oppressed Palestinian people and condemned Morocco for working with Israel to infiltrate African affairs.

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