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Museveni tips Ugandans on living healthier lifestyles


President Yoweri Museveni has urged Ugandans to adopt healthier lifestyles as this will help them prevent Non Communicable Diseases (NDCs) that are on the rise in the country of recent.

Museveni’s remarks were contained in a speech that was delivered during the national Physical day by Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa the Minister of Energy and Mineral Development on Sunday.

He said that there are cheap but effective options available to prevent these diseases including Physical activity, “but it is unfortunate that Ugandans especially the corporate class are increasingly becoming physically inactive,”

“To act as an example, I led an 8km walk and every year we will be walking together, this is symbolic, you need to exercise everyday as advised by health workers” president highlighted.

“Physical activity is one of the cheap proven ways, unfortunately, Ugandans especially those in cities are very inactive” he added.

Nankabirwa made these remarks while representing the President Yoweri Museveni on the commemoration of the National Day of Physical Activity that was held at Kololo independence grounds on Sunday.

Led by the Physical activity ambassador Golola Moses, participants embarked on an 8km run and walk from the independence grounds through the city center and then back to Kololo.

As per the latest data from the Health Ministry, NCDs such as Cancer, High blood pressure, Heart diseases, Diabetes are increasing amongst the population hence responsible for 40% of deaths amongst Ugandans.

Dr Ruth Aceng the Minister of Health noted that Physical Activity is of great importance to everyone and that’s why they found it much convenient to push this day from July to June as they end the financial year.

“If we are to combat the NCDs, we must continue to carryout physical activity every day every time and also checking our status as this will help us keep healthy” Aceng asserted.

John Omangino the Executive Director of the Uganda Heart Institute noted that the burden of heart diseases in the general public is on the rise although they have embarked on several interventions like building new surgery facilities across the country.

“As we talk now, the population of Uganda is approaching 50million, even if we maintain an annual growth of 3.5%, it means that about 2million babies can be produced per year. Of all those 1% have a heart disease which constitutes to 20,000 children a relatively high rate” he explained.

“The facilities we have cannot handle those numbers, that’s why we are building a bigger hospital in Naguru and also opening up more centers at regional health centers to handle the simple and regular surgeries,” Omangino added.

This event was graced by Hon. Margret Muhanga the State Minister for Health in charge of Primary Healthcare, Joyce Moriku the State Minister of Education and sports, Members of Parliament amongst others.

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