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Museveni Launch Parish Development Model, Declares War on Poverty


President Museveni yesterday Officially Launched the long-anticipated Parish Development Model in a function where he openly waged war against Poverty.

During the launch, President Museveni noted that Ugandans are always known for doing the wrong rather than doing the right. He added that Ugandans have chosen to conserve poverty rather than conserving Wetlands, forests, and national parks.

He also revealed that he wasn’t sent by God to ruin Ugandans but rather to Save them.

God gave me this position of leadership to save the people and do the right thing and not to ruin them. We are not here to conserve poverty, we are doing all things wrong instead of conserving, Forest, National Parks, Wetlands and swamps we are conserving poverty,” he said,

The President also appealed to the leaders to educate people about the dangers of land fragmentation. He condemned the act noting that it disables the land that would have been used for productive agriculture.

He advised the masses to rather work together and share the dividends in terms of percentages.
He also recommended coffee growing, for both extensive and intensive agriculture, fruits and citrus, Diary farming, Piggery, poultry keeping, and Fish farming for intensive agriculture.

However, he advised extensive farmers to engage in Banana growing, cassava, millet, maize, sugarcane, cotton, and seed oil for farmers with large chunks of land.

President Museveni said he is committed to pulling Ugandans out of poverty. According to recent statistics as said by the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Finance Ramathan Ngobi, 21.4% of Ugandans are living below the poverty line while 68% are out of the money economy.

He said that he believes that if the parish Development Model is utilized effectively, all Ugandans can attain wealth and reach middle-income status.

I pledge to renovate and add more buildings to Kibuku Primary School in his response to the request made by area LC1 of Namawondo 1B Village Robert Nakuru,’

Robinah Nabbanja the Prime Minister of Uganda hailed the President for ensuring peace security and stability that has enabled a possible and favorable condition to do business.

However, she warned that Government will not tolerate corruption and embezzlement of the Parish Development Model funds.

The region received tractors, Motorcycles, and other farming equipment to help improve agriculture.

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