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Mubajje, UMSC Officials Join Shiats, Sunni Muslim Sects at Controversial Grand Nuhu Kalema Maulid


A section of Muslims on Sunday converged in Wakiso for the controversial Grand Nuhu Kalema Maulid.

Maulid is simply understood as the celebration of the birth of the prophet or one of his staunch followed who is dead.

The prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) on his birthday instead fasted and didn’t celebrate it.

There is no evidence that show that the Celebration of such days was either allowed or forbidden by God and the Prophet (PBUH).

Despite of the opposition from a sectyof other Muslims, mufti Ramathan Mubajje was joined by a section of Muslims including the Sunnis and Shiats.

One after another, whoever held the microphone attacked those who are opposed to the Maulid.

“Those opposing Maulid are very ignorant,” said Associate Prof. Adam Ssebyala a staunch Shiat Muslim.

Justifying the celebrations, Mubajje drew lessons from the Quran Chapter 16: 90, ” indeed Allah ordains Justice, good conduct and giving (help) to relatives and forbids all shameful deeds, and injustice and rebellion: He admonishes you perhaps you will be reminded.”

Mubajje touring the home of the late Kalema

Based on the above verse, he noted that indeed when Islam was introduced in Uganda, it was Nuhu Kalema among the Buganda  Monarch who did a lot in spreading Islam. 

“It was right to remember their legacy and pray for them otherwise it has been unfair for decades that Nuhu Kalema was not featured anywhere in Muslim history and being mentioned within the Muslim circles,” he said. 

Using the same occasion, Sheikh Mubaje thanked members of the lineage of Sekabaka Nuhu Kalema who approached his office to revive the commemoration of their late great ancestor and to work with them closely. 

He on this background has directed Sheikh Erias Kigozi, the Kadhi of Wakiso Muslim District to liaise with the family of Sekabaka Nuhu Kalema to rehabilitate his tombs, which are in a sorry state. He issued the directives during the revival of the annual commemoration of the at Wakiso district headquarters on Sunday.

“Indeed I have learned a lot from what has been presented today. This function will be held annually,” Mufti Mubaje declared. Mufti further thanked Sheikh Erias Kigozi who co-chaired the organizing Committee and Dr. Jamiru Ssebalu for presenting the history of the late Kalema.

 He also thanked Sheikh Kigozi for initiating several developmental projects, which the Mufti inspected before heading to the event.

Mufti Mubajje and other Officials during the controversial Maulid

The projects included the Magnificent Rahman Mosque complex in Nansana that is near completion, Madinatul Munawara Primary and Secondary school, the health center, and also commissioned the newly built house of the late Sheikh Hudu Ntale, the former Imam of Sekabaka Nuhu Kalema Memorial Mosque at Mende.

 The mufti also visited the Royal Tombs of Sekabaka Nuhu Kalema at Mende where he received a rousing welcome from the Royals led by Prince Edward Kimera, the great-grandson of King Kalema and the in charge.

Speaking at the same event, Dr. Ramathan Mugalu, the UMSC Secretary General, explained to the excited congregants the spirit in which the function was held, saying it was purely meant to pray for the soul of the late King Kalema as requested by his descendants and not to grab land as was widely circulated on various media platforms.

 “Amazingly, those people who were circulating malicious information are the real land grabbers,” Mugalu said. 

Other speakers who included Sheikh Abdu Obeid Kamulegeya, the former Chief Kadhi of Uganda, and Sheikh Khatwib Mukuluwakiika, presented moving accounts of the life of Sekabaka Nuhu Kalema. 

The Royals who included Princes and Princesses led by Prince Mathias Ndawula thanked the Mufti for accepting their request to preside over the prayers of their great-grandfather.

In attendance were, His Eminence Sheikh Muhammad Ali Waiswa, the 2nd Deputy Mufti, Members of the Management, Sheikh Haruna Kasangaki, the Secretary-General for the Union of East, Central and Southern African Councils, Sheikh Mustafa Khamis Lule, the East Buganda Regional Assistant to Mufti, District Kadhis, County Sheikhs and prominent business people and residents.

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