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Abandoned Triplets’ Mother Detained Over Shs.500,000 Hospital Bill; Cries Out for Financial, Material Help


A mother who has given birth to Triplets has cried out for help from good Samaritans to help her raise Shs500,000 to clear her hospital bills.

Hope, a resident of Masheruka in Sheema District by Cesarean birth became a mother to two (02) boys and one girl on Monday in a private Medical Centre.

The mother who already had two children now has a total of five. unfortunately, her husband is a drunkard who has since abandoned his responsibilities.

To raise a daily meal for her initial two children, Hope has been working as a causal Laborer; cultivating for others to earn a living.

 “I request whoever has anything to help me because I am helpless,” she said 

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In the same regard, she called upon good Samaritans who may be having new or old baby clothes, pampers, or any other baby items to donate to her newly born Babies.

“I  appeal to every kind-hearted person to help us, I know the situation is not well for most people at the moment but I will accept even the little anyone has to offer,” she added.

For any assistance kindly use Mobile Money 0779881260, registered in the name of Jane Nabende contact the same number for material support, and for banks kindly deposit in Equity bank on account number-1036101524786.

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