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Minister Namuganza Unbothered with Censure Motion, Says Speaker Among’s Marriage should be Discussed in Reconciliation Meeting


State Minister of Lands, Hon. Persis Namuganza has said that a big section of members of Parliament are supporting her actions of “speaking the truth about the Parliamentary leadership”

“They have sent me a lot of messages thanking and encouraging me, others have asked me we meet just that I don’t have time,” she told reporters on Saturday,

Namuganza who came to limelight last week after Parliamentary Adhoc Committee recommended for her censure over her misconduct said that the legislators are just joking since they have no evidence on anything they allege.

“I saw their motion saying that I spoke in corridors of Parliament really? You should allege and have evidence as well,” she said 

On reconciliation, Hon. Namuganza told reporters that she is ready to engage in as long as it tackles her partinent issues, Including Speaker Anita Among’s “fraudulent marriage with Moses Harshim Magogo. 

“My issue is that we should put the house in the right position. I think they wanted Me to accept all the accusations on me concerning the naguru land grabbing,” she said 

According to Namuganza, the “unnecessary ” powers being exhibited by the Parliament Leadership (Speaker) should be tamed down and stop using the House to fight own wars.

ICT and National Guidance Minister, Dr Chris Baryomunsi on Thursday told reporters that  NRM thought it is wise to reconcile the two leaders since they are party members.

“As NRM, we undertake to meet the two leaders, if there is a conflict, we will harmonise and reconcile them so that we can put more concentration on issues that benefit Ugandans but not quarrels between leaders,” he said 

Critics, however, say the censure move died from the onset, pouring scorn on the processes and procedures so far.

“We don’t want to see a situation where we are spending a lot of time and energy on such issues. When it comes to censuring a minister, there are more convincing and strong grounds, including convincing Ugandans on whether the minister should be censured or not but not the quarrels between leaders,” he added.

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