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Minister Musenero is Acting in Bad Faith -Says TRIDI Boss Over Suspension of Silk Project


Dr. Clet Wandui Masiga the Executive Director of the Tropical Institute of Development Innovations (TRIDI) has said that a call by the Science and Technology Minister Dr. Monica Musenero to suspend the silk project is in bad faith.

Dr.Musenero, this week recommended the suspension of the project, which he said had led to loss of shs36Bn.

She noted that the project failed to materialize

In a Wednesday statement released by TRIDI Executive Director, however, Dr. Masiga said that Dr. Monica’s claims were lies and unfounded

“She is acting in bad faith,” he said adding

“There is no misuse of funds at all. What is true is that we have disagreed with the minister on the dangerous direction she was driving the company, staff and the project hence she embarked on a mission of frustration, black mail, criminal activities and eventual suspension of funding without cause,” 

Dr. Masiga explaine that the project model is guided by the baseline and feasibility study that was conducted in the financial year 2017/2018 which identified 10 entry districts and 40 other districts at project commercialization/expansion stage.

“This model is a large farm unit (plantation, large-scale farm) which guarantees a certain minimum provision of raw material for a large scale processing plant or other downstream aggregation use, while the other part of the raw material is procured from smaller farmers who are linked throughout grower arrangement to the nucleus,”

This model, he said combines both small- and large-scale farming and avoids large scale farming and reduces transport and communication costs, requires less land acquisitions and distributes wealth more equitably and ensures availability of raw materials to support agro-industrialization.

He noted that by the end of the financial year 2021/2022, the project had completed construction of two shells for two research centres in Sheema and Mukono and had supported the establishment and management of 2000 acres of mulberry in 24 districts which will serve as sources of planting materials to serve 50 districts and as training and research sites.

“The project had also acquired additional 800 acres of land for establishment of silk factory and production of mulberry for silkworm rearing. Three more silk reeling and reeling machines were being manufactured and are now ready for shipping from China to Uganda. Installation of two modern factories was awaiting funds to be completed. Ten shells for rearing of silk worm were under construction in Mukono, Nwoya, Gomba, Mubende, Kween, Kitagata, Kiruhura, Busitema/Busia, Nakaseke, and Luwero.”

“ The project employed a total of 139 full time staff and 1300 casual workers who derive their livelihoods from the project. The project has also recruited graduate trainees to be allocated different project sites to offer technical support. 140 Ugandans are undergoing different trainings to work across the different activities in the silk value chain.”

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