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Mbale: UCU Yet To Install a Mult Billion Sports Ground

UCU Officials speaking at the presser

In order to benefit from the three university goals of teaching and learning, research and publications, and community engagement, Uganda Christian University Mbale university College is yet to build a complex multi-billion sports ground on Mugisu hill near Nabuyonga primary school in Mbale city. 

Through fundraising, a ceremony to be officially launched by HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni the president of the republic of Uganda as the guest of honor on Friday16th September 2022 at UCU Mbale campus where one can contribute through ideas or cash the university is expecting to rise over ug shs 1.5 billion to help in facilitating the process. 

Dr. Higenyi Erisa the university secretary Says that this sports ground will be the first of its kind in the city with a parking lot of over 300 vehicles, studios, shopping malls, gymnastics, and so forth. 

Adds that they also intend to expand on the computer laboratory so that they can open it out to the general public to come and gain skills. 

Magomu Robert the university sports director Says that this is to help promote sports and also awaken talents among youths through engaging the community at large and reduce on the number of idol youths in the city.

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