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Mbale Central Market in Sorry State; Garbage, Dirty Water Everywhere; Vendors Cry Out

Garbage infront of the market

The multi-billion Mbale central market in Mbale City is in a sorrowful state, and vendors appear to city council Authorities for intervention. 

While the works committee of Mbale Industrial City division councilors were on the factual findings in the market, vendors noted a number of problems they are facing.

Nakisali Joseph the vendor in Mbale central market said the sewage lines are smelly and have brought mosquitoes which is leading to endless malaria and other related diseases.

Nafuna Agatha a salon operator in Mbale central market says that, when it rains, water enters her salon and other shops destroying their businesses which has cost them a lot.

Traders cleaning dirty water

Mivule Ali, Mbale central market planner says that they’re having issues with garbage collection, and electricity, the rooftop is leaking and needs renovation, and the linkages on the sewage pipelines drop dirty wastes in the butcher.

He added that the health inspector allocated to the market is not doing the allied and that only comes once and disappears, the market has not had enough security.

 Mwanje Muhammad the spokesperson of the market noted that the garbage collector asked for Shs120000 every day but don’t want to remove garbage even when he has signed the money.

The vice chairperson of the market Ms. Webisa Kuluthumu appealed to Mbale City council Authority to intervene in the situation the vendors are suffering a lot yet paying revenue and not getting services.

LineSteppa Community

Wandulu Zaidi councilor representing Bungokho-Mutoto in Mbale Industrial City division and chairperson of works and a physical planning committee while on their fact findings in the market says that, the situation in the market is bad but only blame the City leadership who collects revenue but doesn’t want to give services to the vendors.

Woniale Swalah councilor and secretary works committee Mbale industrial city division also commended the leadership of the market for providing them with the information which will help them in representing in the council meeting about the poor state of the market.

Mbale city mayor Cassim Namugali said since the market held the new leadership, they have not taken time to go to his office and lay down the working strategy on how they can manage the market.

“No leader has ever come here to bring any issue concerning that market. How will we know the problems they’re facing there.” He said

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