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Masindi; Residents Forego Delayed Gov’t Hospital Construction, Mobilize Funds to Kick Start Project


Kigulya division, Masindi municipality residents have resorted to mobilizing funds to start construction of a division health facility to effect mothers’ access to maternity services more appropriately without moving long distances.

The Division chairperson Wilfred Kutegeka said that residents resorted to doing so after delayed government efforts to construct the health facility despite creating Kigulya Division in 2010.  

“Our women in the process of delivery have to trek long distances outside the division but all the facilities they go to are 8 kilometers and above, so for a woman to access antenatal services it becomes very difficult,” he said.

As per the government’s policy, every sub-county or division is mandated to have a government health facility. However, the policy has not affected Kigulya 12 years after the creation of the division.

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Christopher Businge, The Nyakaloke village LC1 chairperson in which the facility that seeks to serve over 12 villages is to be constructed said they (residents), are committed to revamping selves but are, however, cut short by adequate funding due to the adverse economic shortfalls thus urging for government intervention. 

“We have challenges of complications more so due to delays over long distances coupled by transport for example, if you can consider here, the radius to which you can access a nearby health facility is around 6-8 kilometers. We have already shown the interest that we need a health Centre and it is really a necessity which government, NGO’s and all stakeholders must assist us,” he said. 

The facility construction estimated at a cost of shs.100 million has so far seen residents mobilize shs.15 million which they have started with the construction of facility toilets and laying of the foundation.

Joyce Katusime, one of the Village Health Team (VHT) said they have suffered the most as residents have since contended the government guilt on them.

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“Government foresaw and put us as the health Centre one and we really appreciate but we’re also tied up, we are not equipped and facilitated yet people run to us every now and then, we’re being abused over government faults,” she said.

The facility idea that seeks to serve a population of over 20,000 people was additionally informed by the delayed budget allocation efforts by the municipality despite one of the residents, Johnson Kihini donating land measuring 1.5 acres 7 years ago.

According to Kihini, the residents’ own facility construction efforts are because the administration leadership has for long not materialized any hope of starting the project.  

“It’s after various lobbying follow-ups that the previous leadership told us funds were available but the authority didn’t have land, However despite donating land they kept playing hide and seek thus we mobilized selves to which I think the government will get us on the way. I however ask leaders and government to always fulfill pledges.” He said.

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