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Mao Insists ‘Transition Plans’ are on Going Despite Museveni’s Denial


DP President General Norbert Mao has stormed Twitter, saying that the transition talks are ongoing despite president Museveni distancing himself from the transition talks.

While in an interview with Kenya-based KTN News Television, Museveni said that Mao’s joining the ruling government was just like any other recruitment, with no strings attached.

“Our doctrine is to unite as many as possible so that the ones who are not with us are fewer. Maybe Mao is presenting it the way he is presenting it but that’s our own old way of uniting anybody who agrees to unite with us,” Museveni told KTN News. 

“That is his approach but we have discussed broadly unity,” he added.

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Recently, Museveni signed an MoU with Mao, which later appointed him Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister while DP’s Gerald Siranda was endorsed to contest for EALA MP to which he became Victor in the recently concluded polls.

Museveni’s words to KTN News have since rendered Mao irrelevant with the public seeing him as a ‘liar’ after he said that part of the deal was to discuss a peaceful transition of power.

In reaction, Mao tweeted; 

“If the hype (making mountains out of molehills) about President Museveni’s interview aired by @nbstv was to push up viewership, then it was a great success,” he said adding,

“Transition is now out there on the national agenda. Never will the pullers-down be able to cope with the builders-up.”

Ugandan-based NBS TV re-aired KTN News’ interview on October 17, which pushed it wider amongst Ugandans.

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“Political transitions can be initiated either from within by incumbents or by outside groups. The means vary. DP’s goal of a “Peaceful Presidential Transition ” is in black and white in the Cooperation Agreement. What is left is to mutually discuss its modalities in detail,” Mao added.

Disappointed Mao added that “I have been in Ugandan politics long enough to judge who is honest and who is dishonest,” 

“I can state without any fear of contradiction that some of my fellow opposition party leaders are incurably dishonest and that is why they are unfit to lead change. Ugandans know them,” 

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