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Any Organization that Doesn’t Embrace Technology is Doomed-Prof. Nawangwe

Prof Nawangwe pose for a group photo with other members during the launch

Makerere University has moved a step in its technological field after it launched the first ever Uganda smart classroom.

While he launched the project, the University Vice Chancellor Prof Barnabas Nawangwe recommended that countries must effectively embrace technology to effectively compete and advance students’ skills.

“The future lies to those who embrace technology. It is time for us to wake up if we (Africa) is not to be left behind again,” he said.

“Online is the future and as Makerere, we have embraced the future and we shall not be left behind again. We need more so that we can show the rest of the country that we need these innovations,” he added.

The smart classroom by Makerere University College of Computing and Information Sciences was initiated in close collaboration with UNESCO, CreatiView Education Technology, and Southern University of Science and Technology.

LineSteppa Community

Nawangwe justified that the initiative is in line with Makerere’s advancement projects as the University celebrates 100 years of qualitative education and that they are committed to spreading the same to other faculties.

“We are going to devise means and ensure that this initiative is extended to other colleges of the University and the rest of the institutions countrywide,” he said.

Virtually speaking, Lyu Feng, the Assistant Director and Chief of IIOE Management Centre, UNESCO-ICHEI Shenzen China pledged more support to the University and the country at large.

“We have embarked on capacity building for quality teaching and learning and have so far launched the classes to 10 countries in Africa and Asia with priority for higher education institutions,” he said.

LineSteppa Community

Prof Tony Oyana the Principal of CoCIS said that the facility is to accommodate 50 computers that will be used for recording, broadcasting, and automation in the classroom including monitoring the examination, quizzes, and any other form of assessment.

“As part of the facility, the college has also received a technological Robot to assist lecturers in teaching and learning by performing functions such as recording classroom attendance, reading, language processing, speech recognition, photo taking, and checking temperature among other things,” he said.

The initiative saw partners donate equipment worth $50,000

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