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LGBT suspect flees country after house raid


Earlier this week, it was reported that a one Nanyombi Gertrude 28, went missing following an unwarranted raid on her home in Kyetume village – Mukono.
It is understood that 28-year-old was mobbed by a group of villager on September 4, 2021 at her grandmother’s home where she was beaten and property destroyed.
A residence who explained that she was whisked away by friend during the fracas claim that Nanyombi was involved in a same sex relationship with her neighbour’s daughter and at a time of the raid, they were both in the bedroom.
It turns out that Nanyombi and several of his accomplices are wanted over sexual crimes following a complaint from both family and close friends.
The entire saga happened last week on September 04, 2021 when the victim was living with her grandmother.
That specific day, she was caught red handed sodomizing with the neighbour’s daughter.
According to sources, Nanyombi could be already seeking asylum either in US or Europe for fear of his life.
In Uganda, homophobia has been widespread since the prohibition of homosexuality in the 1950s.

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