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Kyabazinga Wedding: Nadiope’s purpoted UK Side-Chic arrives to sabotage Royal wedding


The purpoted wife of the Kyabazinga of Busoga William Gabula Nadiope’s has reportedly arrived into the nation to sabotage the royal wedding.
Ms Alison Anna Nadiope reportedly arrived in Uganda to ensure that the planned wedding between Nadiope and Ms Jovia Mutesi.
Last month, Ms. Alison Anna Nadiope gained notoriety when she asserted on social media that she and the Kyabazinga were wed in December 2016 in London, United Kingdom, and that the latter is unable of getting married again.

Speaking out following the Busoga Kingdom’s unveiling of Ms Jovia Mutesi as the future Inhebantu (queen), Ms Nadiope asserts that the king fathered two children with her.

The royal wedding is set to take place in Jinja City at Christ’s Cathedral Bugembe.Ms.

Nadiope stated that she came on Tuesday “to get evidence that I have to use in court in the United Kingdom” in an interview with the monitor that was published yesterday. She confirmed that she was staying at a hotel but refused to give further information or to be interviewed in person, claiming security concerns.

In addition, Ms. Nadiope refused to provide a copy of her marriage license as proof of her union with the Busoga King. Regarding our request for documentation of the marriage, she and her attorney, Mr. Vincent Mugerwa of Mugerwa and Partners Advocates and Solicitors, a Ugandan legal practice, exchanged back-and-forth promises with the Monitor.

“Between me and my client, unless she authorises me to give in that information [in] writing, I cannot share it,” Mr Mugerwa said.

Asked about claims by Busoga Kingdom that she was an imposter and her next steps, Ms Nadiope, without addressing the spoiler claim, responded: “All I want is to be paid my money that I have invested in the Kyabazinga [during the alleged relationship] and I will leave him in peace.”

“If not, I will reveal all his secrets. I have invested Shs750 million in constructing a house for him, maintaining the farm, paying potters, buying him luxurious things. I will leave him to go ahead with his ceremony [if I get paid]; that is all I want,” She Added.

Although Ms. Alison pledged to seek justice in British courts “even if [Kyabazinga’s] wedding happens,” we were unable to independently confirm her assertions. Busoga Kingdom denied Ms. Nadiope’s allegations yesterday, as it has done ever since the reports first surfaced, and asserted that the Kyabazinga is single and has no children with her or any other women.

“The kingdom position on the royal wedding was given by the Katuukiro. We have no other position in regard to the same today, tomorrow and the other day. We shall not be derailed by negative energy. The wedding is on, period,” Mr Andrew Ntange, the kingdom spokesperson, said in a WhatsApp message.

The Kingdom declared this week that Kyabazinga is not a British citizen, has never been married to anyone through a recognized marriage ceremony, and has never given birth to any children. The Church of Uganda gave its approval on Wednesday for the royal wedding that is scheduled to happen in Jinja City tomorrow.

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