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Kampala’s Floods; The 10 Spots You Need to Take Extra Care or Avoid

Floods in Kampala

As rain intensifies in Kampala, the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has named some of the danger spots.

Dorothy Kisaka the ED of KCCA said warned pedestrians, motorists, and slum dwellers, to take precautions.

Kisaka highlighted some of the danger spots which include among others; Clock Tower near Queens Way, Meat Packers, and Portbell.

Others are; Mukwano near the Kibuli Police Barracks, Kanywankoko in Kitintale, areas near Lugogo Mall, and Kasanga-Ggaba.

Kisaka said that the floods to poor waste management, encroachment on wetlands, and water draining corridors.
KCCA, she said is building in Lubigi and Namamiro and other drainage systems around the city.

LineSteppa Community

“We are starting a huge project in the next few months that will see drainages constructed, 70kms of roads that are going to be constructed under the African Development Bank project,” she said

“President Museveni has tasked us to ensure that no one settles or undertakes development in wetlands in order to conserve the environment,” she added

According to Kisaka, encroaching on the water corridor is a bad habit that has gone on for years and it is causing more flooding around the city.

She appealed to city dwellers to heed the existing laws, adding that a multisectoral approach is needed if wetlands are to be protected.

LineSteppa Community

“This is an inter-ministerial effort that should happen. Titles and permissions for purchasing wetlands should not be issued,” she advised.

Kisaka also cautioned residents against dumping in drainage systems.
“Poor waste management practices are a challenge. When organic waste is dumped into these drainages when it rains, the affected areas flood as running water will not be able to flow easily,” she said.

City floods have not only paralyzed transport but also claimed lives and contributed to the easy spread of diseases.

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