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Julius Mucunguzi Picked to Lead Public Relations and Engagement at OEC


Former spokesperson of the Office of the Prime Minister Julius Mucunguzi has been appointed as the Under-Secretary-General for Public Relations and Engagement at the Organization of Education Cooperation (OEC).

Mucunguzi’s statement was confirmed by H.E. Sheikh Manssour Bin Mussallam, the OEC Secretary General in a press statement.

“Mr. Mucunguzi brings with him a wealth of experience and skills acquired throughout his career spanning over 20 years at the national and international levels,” reads part of gne statement.

Prior to his appointment at the OEC, he served within the OPM since 2015, both as an Advisor and the Head of Communications.

From 2006 to 2014, he served as Communications Advisor and Assistant Spokesperson at the Commonwealth Secretariat in London.

He was also assigned as Media Advisor to eight former Heads of State and government during their election observation missions in different regions of the world. He also oversaw communications for high-level summits of Heads of Governments, as well as for Ministerial meetings.

Mr Mucunguzi has additionally worked as a Senior Communications Officer for World Vision International and was a visiting trainer at the International Institute of Journalism in Berlin Germany as well as at Makerere University in Uganda.

On accepting this appointment at the OEC, Mr Mucunguzi expressed his gratitude to the Secretary-General for entrusting him with this responsibility:

In his remarks while accepting the job, Musinguzi said,

“I am excited about this appointment by the Secretary-General, providing me with an opportunity to serve within an organization in whose mission and vision I firmly believe, particularly to transform our education systems towards balance and inclusivity, with relevance to the socio-cultural, traditional and other specific contexts of the peoples of the Global South,” he said adding,

“The OEC is moving us from agonizing about the problems faced by our education systems to reaching concrete solutions by organising. I therefore look forward to ensuring, from the PURE Department, the generation of a critical mass of stakeholders that understands, supports, and contributes to this essential agenda.”

In his new capacity at the OEC, Mr Mucunguzi heads the Department of Public Relations and Engagement (PURE) and serves in the Cabinet of the Secretary-General.

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