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Joshua Laban Musinguzi: Sidelining Youth in 2026 Polls is Suicidal

Joshua Laban Musinguzi the Head of ELM Unit
Joshua Laban Musinguzi the Head of ELM Unit

By Joshua Laban Musinguzi

As February 2026 draws closer and the road to Plot 1 Nakasero narrows day by day. We have a wide range of prospective candidates starting with what one can call mobilization of masses. We have seen numerous gatherings from church fundraising, and community events to even birthdays.

Now, this is the trend our politics will be taking, as we are getting closer to 2026, the focus should be put on the youthful generation as the majority of the voters will be in the youth age bracket. This means that if you aren’t coming to solve the 21st-century problems, willing to use the means of communication and mobilization, politics may not be the space for you come 2026.

In a country that has experienced a pandemic, and lost gallant leaders along the way making the transition in some of these institutions a very complicated process, puts the credibility of the affected institutions at risk. In the long run, this affects the economy of the country as the gap between the privileged and the less privileged widens.

Following the selfishness of the main political actors, we must understand that the way of politicking is changing with the generation. We are going to see young, charismatic, and patriotic leaders rising, these leaders will emulate the likes of Thomas Sankara, Chez Guevara, and Fidel Castro.

These young leaders will be in the age bracket of 28-50 years of age. With such an age, comes a lot of advantages and disadvantages for the country as we have seen through experiences with other countries.

But is the population of Uganda ready for the long haul after the 2026 elections? That’s the question that should be on every Ugandan’s mind. Because with the generational wave of change coming in various ways like Digital Transformation, Transparency and Accountability comes with a differential gap between the prepared and the unprepared.

As we shall see changes in operations, having ICT introduced in various MDAs and also the private sector, Cryptocurrencies, and other digital Currencies breaking the ice of a sharp rise and growth in the digital economy through the rapid growth of E-Commerce by then.

Do we need prepared leaders or politicians in Uganda to achieve the vision of 2040? If I were to be asked such a question, my immediate response would be BOTHand I would justify my answer as follows, Leaders can’t have a successful term of office without Politicians.

But for the sake of our Motherland Uganda, we need more leaders than politicians as this country belongs to the people. The Ugandans would like to have service delivery improved, commodity prices managed, provided safe spaces for Labour, Decent Employment, and Productivity, and also an Uganda that can achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Can the current status of leaders and politicians drive the agenda of development in various sectors; Economically, Socially, and Politically? Before answering this question, one would first of all need to understand the economic, social, and political history of Uganda.

Since 1962 after Uganda attained her independence, the NRM government is the only government that has presided over 30 years of peace, democracy, and national development at large. So it’s at this moment when we appreciate H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s leadership and other various key players coordinating the development of Uganda.

But however, it’s also at this moment when we put emphasis on the issue of providing a safe space for the merging of youthful and ready to serve cadres in this generational wave of change. Because in an event that anybody gets in the way of change, there was a famous quote we used a lot in Ntare School, “if you don’t change will change you” meaning that we appreciate all that the older generation has taught us through various ways but if we are to develop our country, then we must run a marathon whereas a team everyone has a role to play.

This brings us to the point of having a Coalition government for Uganda where we have a wide range of capable leaders with integrity joining hands to move our country to the next destination “Ubuntu” spirit. I believe after pointing out a Coalition government, someone has parts of their hair rising because one wouldn’t imagine why Uganda would need a Coalition government? In a country that has intelligent leaders like Mr. John Patrick Amama Mbabazi, Rt. Gen Mugisha Muntu, Rt. Col Dr. Kiiza Besigye, Chairman Mao, and youthful emerging leaders like Gen. Muhoozi, Hon Robert Kyagulanyi, Rt. Hon. Thomas Tayebwa and other charismatic younger men and women like Hon. Kabanda, Hon Lilian Aber, Mr. Rwakakamba e.t.c not forgetting the greedy politicians and mafias.

We must be careful when cutting the national cake into the slices meant for each and everyone responsible and carefully otherwise we shall return to the drawing board. We need all stakeholders in the politics of this country to, first of all, uphold the constitution of the country very high. In a previous paragraph, I noted about the “Ubuntu” philosophy, and this is a banquet term that means “humanity” which is sometimes translated as “I am because we are” so for our country to move a step forward we need to exercise Ubuntu and also as our motto guides “For God and My Country”

The writer is Co-ordinator External Labour Monitoring Unit.
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