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Joe Walker returns with 7 Hills for Road Safety walk in Kampala


After hosting two successful longest-distance walks [342km Kampala to Bushenyi and Kms 246 Km Kampala to Mbale], Mr. Joseph Beyanga alias Joe Walker will this weekend hit the streets of Uganda’s capital in the 7 Hills for Road Safety walk.

The 45km walk which aims at raising awareness about continuous road safety will be flagged off at 6:00 am at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel.

“The Kampala Walk will be a shorter event to allow more residents and walking enthusiasts to participate regardless of age or fitness condition,” Mr Beyanga said adding,

“We also expect participants from the road safety community to join in and support the cause in every way they can. Everyone in Kampala should focus on making our roads safer to save more lives,”

Kampala being the country’s capital, contains the busiest roads with heavy traffic, and records indicate that walkers in Kampala sustain the most injuries in the districts that make up the Greater Kampala Area.

Joe Walker (M) addressing the journalists yesterday
Joe Walker (M) addressing the journalists yesterday

These include thousands of school-going children which the Joe Walker campaign singled out with the hashtag #Too YoungToDie during the Mbale Walk.

More than 12 lives are lost daily in Uganda, on average, due to road accidents – 4,000 people annually.

The Walk, he said will focus on pedestrian safety and the promotion of walking as a healthier, safer, and culturally attuned way of getting around.

The #SaferRoadsSaveLives Walk will continue the UN Road Safety Week, themed: Rethinking Mobility

It shall also pay tribute to walking as an African tradition that for generations has brought communities together while tackling modern issues such as air quality and its impact on the quality of life.

A large proportion of Kampala’s population relies on walking to and from work and recreation.

“Encouraging investment in a culture that respects, protects, and acknowledges walking in coexistence with motorized and other forms of traffic shall make it safer and contribute to a healthier community in the city,” he said.

Joe Walker appealed to the general public to come and celebrate through walking their commitment to the fraternity with the city and its many communities, to healthy lifestyles, and to the beauty and culture of the city we call home.

In order to make mobility easier for everyone planning to be part of the walk, together with SafeBoda, you can order a Safeboda or Safecar at a discounted price using the promo code Joe Walker on Saturday. Travel safely to the start point and back home at a discounted price. Thank you SafeBoda for this initiative.

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