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Iranian maiden supreme leader to be celebrated this week


Iranians living in Uganda and their Ugandan friends will on Thursday, June 1, gather at the females’ campus of the Islamic University of Uganda (IUIU) to commemorate the 34th death anniversary of their first supreme leader Imam Ayatollah Khomeini.

The event, according to the cultural center of the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, will be graced by different dignitaries the Iranians living in Uganda, the central government, academia, and the entire public.

Imam Khomeini led Iran to victory in 1979 when he defeated the alliance forces of the United States, the UK who backed the Iraq forces that were led by the then-president Sadam.

He is remembered to have initiated the Iranian revolution becoming the first leader of the republic through his concept known as the Guardianship Of The Jurist which is believed to be an underlying historical Iranian basis.

Before his rise to power as an ayatollah, a title he gained in 1920 has been a leading Shia scholar, Imam Khomeini was known for his aggressiveness towards the Western culture and regime thus leading to his arrest in 1962, something that elevated his status to some regarding his as a heroin of the Republic.

In 1964 Khomeini was sent into exile by the then leader, Shah, fleeing to Turkey and Iraq but continued de-campaigning the regime which later was overthrown during the 70s paving way for his leadership before he would also criticized for his leadership in 1989 which were according to the international community a controversy.

For example, the supreme leader allegedly ordered the killing of a re-known writer Salman Rushdie for the novel “The Satanic Verses,” according to a BBC article.

The leader lost his popularity due to his “fatwa” before he died in June 1989, marking the end of his popular regime.

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