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Iranian Ambassador Pledges continued cooperation


By Abdul Laham

The Iranian Ambassador to Uganda, Mr. Majid Saffar the Iranian Ambassador to Uganda has pledged that his country will continue to cooperate with Uganda.

Mr Saffar said that Uganda is well endowed with natural resources which gives room for agricultural production

“I call upon participants to utilize the experience of Iran in different sectors in paying way for cooperation. Iran is now exporting knowledge to other countries including European countries,” he said Iranian Ambassador Pledges continued cooperation Iranian Ambassador Pledges continued cooperation Iranian Ambassador Pledges continued cooperation

He made these remarks while officiating the Iranology seminar at Al-Mustafa Islamic College Kyengera on Thursday this week.
He noted that Iranology seminars unlock the potential of human understanding of Iran’s cultural diversity, history, health-care services, science and Technology infrastructure, agriculture, astronomy, innovation, and global diplomacy among other aspects of life.

The Cultural Counsellor of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in his remarks, said Mr. Abdollah Abbasi, said that Iran, with its civilization and history, is full of attractions and places to see.

“It seems that all the attractions of the world, from historical and cultural places to pristine and unique nature, are all gathered in this vast country. Iran has the best four-season climate in the world and is rich in natural mines. It also has a rich cultural heritage, part of which is registered as 19 World Heritage Sites in UNESCO, which is the fourth rank in Asia and the 12th rank in the world,”

Iran, he said is geographically in a unique position between the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea; It means that it is the largest lake in the world and has diversity and tourist attractions.

“Iran is one of the most advanced countries in the world in terms of medicine, it has a long history in the field of medicine, and there are many well-known doctors from Iran. In Iran, health tourism includes three sectors, each of which has attractions for tourists who choose Iran for their health trips, including nature therapy tourism/wellness tourism and medical tourism,” he said adding,

“Naturopathy tourism, as its name suggests, is a trip where a person is treated by natural healing resources and services under the supervision of a doctor. Some of the most important resources and medical services related to it are hot springs, Salt Lake, herbal bath, medical massage, medical mud, and sun,”

“This type of tourism, despite having natural phenomena and the wonderful nature of Iran, is highly regarded and has been placed in a special position. The growth of medicinal plants and the presence of Iran’s four-season and wonderful weather have made Iran one of the hubs of naturopathy tourism in the world. The presence of hot water springs in different cities of Iran is effective for treating many diseases, including rheumatism, muscle and joint pain, migraine, and sinusitis, and its clean climate and beautiful environment are also used to improve respiratory, rheumatology, skin and muscle diseases or to pass the time. It is very effective after surgery and illness,” he said.

Prof. Adam Sebyala, the academic professor and lecturer at Al-Mustafa Islamic College noted that Iran is a country situated in western Asia bordered by Iraq, Turkey, Syria, and so many other countries

He told participants that Iranians don’t have it in their culture to enslave other people as it was evidenced when the Persian Empire took over authority.

Dr. Rouhollah Dehghani, the principal of Al-Mustafa Islamic College called upon different members of the diplomatic Corps to come and host various academic and cultural programs that help scholars and researchers to explore knowledge and wisdom to build resilience and patriotism.

He informed participants that Iranian civilization comes far away from the Persian Empire about 10,000 years ago.
He noted that such important seminars bring about an Awakening of intellectual talents in artificial intelligence, socio-economic transformation, and increasing demand for research.

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