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Investigations: Museveni Directs IGG to Investigate City Business Tycoons; Sudhir Ruparelia, Three Others Over Alleged illegal Land Deals

Business Mogul Sudhir Ruparelia among the four investigated businessmen

President Museveni has directed the Inspector General of Governments (IGG) Betty Olive Namisango Kamya to investigate what he called a land racket consisting of four-city business moguls led by Sudhir Ruparelia, Godfrey Kirumira, Ephraim Ntaganda, and Hassan Basajja Balaba.

The lands in question are the government-owned land which these business moguls Museveni said took over, constructed buildings, and again rented some to the government. Kamya confirmed that the president ordered this investigation and said some land is located in wetlands.

Museveni said that these people have since fleeced the government of billions in fake land compensations.

Museveni said that these individuals are “colluding with Lands Registry in creating fake land titles in wetlands, gazette forest reserves, lake, and river shores and on all public lands, where planned infrastructure like roads, railways, and power lines are due,”

the moguls reportedly trick government for example once huge government infrastructure projects commence, they submit these fake land titles for billions in compensation,” said the source.

Sources which spoke to Da Parrot on condition of anonymous revealed that all titles in the hands of statehouse investigations are registered in fictitious names and companies with no URA tax and Instruments

In this regard, President Museveni has also directed an investigation into all government ministries inclusive of Several Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, and ministry officials working in collusion with the racket to steal from the government.

Hassan Basajabalaba

Amongst Ministries reported to have colluded with Tycoons include the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Lands and Housing, Works and Transport, Ministry of Finance and Planning, UETCL, Lands Registry, UNRA, and the Office of the Attorney General

Kamya confirmed this development and said that these people (business moguls) are getting this land with assistance from government officials.

Land transactions under investigation

Banda Warehouses

Ntaganda is reported to have dealt with lands corrupt officials and made fake titles on this government land before he sold the land to Sudhir who constructed warehouses on the land and rented the same to the government thus the government forking billions to Sudhir on its own land. These warehouses are owned by Crane Management Services, owned by Sudhir and land is only five kilometers from the Kampala Central Business District and house some of the government warehouses like the Electoral Commission warehouse.

Naguru Housing Estate

The Moguls working with top Ministry of Land officials are reported to have got a substitute title for the Naguru estate land initially given to Opecprime properties. Following the termination of the Opecprime contract in 2018, Sudhir and Ntaganda have now allegedly subdivided the Naguru land and are selling plots to interested buyers.

DaParrot understands that investors have started complaining of purported land grabbers who claim part of their land.

Last week for example Multi-Consults Ltd which own 3.3 acres of land accused officials in the land ministry and Uganda Land Commission of secretly allocating their land to other investors, according to media reports

Bugolobi – Luthuli Swamp

It is alleged that the businessmen working with former commissioner lands Registration, Ruth Kulata acquired fake titles on the Luthuli Bugolobi swamp which they have now submitted to Uganda Railways for compensation.

Kagwa Bridge swamp: It is reported that one of these business tycoons colluded with Ruth Kulata to make a title for the Munyonyo Kaggwa bridge swamp, which he submitted to UNRA for compensation for the Kajansi – Munyonyo spur expressway.

Busega Round-about Swamp: It is reported that the businessmen, working with Ruth Kulata acquired the title for the Busega roundabout and got compensated billions by UNRA for the Kajjansi Busega Spur. It is reported that he has now submitted the residual title to UNRA for compensation for the Busega – Mpigi Expressway.

Luzira Namanve Swamp: The businessmen allegedly acquired titles using fake names and Companies for this swamp and later submitted the titles to UETCL and were compensated Shs30 Billion. It is reported that these have now submitted the residual title to UNRA for compensation for the Southern bypass.

Kajjansi Forest Reserve: It is reported that using Real Choice Company Ntaganda and colluding with Ruth Kulata, Ntaganda acquired the title for the Forest reserve and got compensated billions for the Entebbe Expressway after submitting tittle to UNRA

Ban on Wetlands Title Issuance

In July 2021, the Cabinet okayed the cancellation of 420 land titles that were issued in wetlands, it also directed that all government officials who participated in the issuance of titles in forests and reserves be held accountable.

In 2020, Water Minister Sam Cheptoris announced that the government had taken a broad move to cancel all the 3000 titles that had been issued in wetlands and forests

Sam Mayanja, the Minister of State for Lands yesterday told a local dialect Bukedde paper that the said investors have been encroaching the wetlands and government land for a long time.

Mayanja told Bukedde that these investors register the land in other people’s names “which makes it difficult to get them faster,”

He said that the new modal of releasing titles with photos of landowners will help in mitigating such issues.

Efforts to get a comment from the tycoons hit the end because, in addition to not being accessible, their phone numbers were not going through by press time

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