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Investigate Kidnaps, Arbitrary Arrests and Assassinations-MPs Tell Gov’t

MPs in session on Thursday, 08 September 2022. The members are demanding a probe into the alleged cases of arbitrary arrests, kidnap and assassinations

Parliament has asked the government to investigate cases of alleged arbitrary arrests, kidnaps,s and assassinations in the country.

This followed a matter raised by Hon. Hassan Kirumira (NUP, Katikamu County South) on the alleged kidnap of Jakana Nadduli, son of former Minister Abdul Nadduli on 05 September 2022.

The MP raised the issue during the plenary sitting of the House chaired by Speaker, Anita Among, on Thursday, 08 September 2022.

Hon. Kirumira said that the young Nadduli’s whereabouts remain unknown and the parent is currently stranded since the son was unwell by the time he was allegedly kidnapped.

Kirumira prayed that Jakana Nadduli is produced in court if he has committed any offenses and that his parents be allowed to see him.

“Mr. Jakana Nadduli had an accident in March. Information we have is that he was kicked in the stomach and the parent, Nadduli a former minister does not know where the son is,” Hon. Kirumira said.

Commenting on the matter, Hon. Wilfred Niwagaba (INDP., Ndorwa County East) said that the issue of abduction is painful to citizens and that several cases of alleged abductions have been reported.

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The Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Mathias Mpuuga also reported this week’s alleged abduction of a one Teddy Nalubwama, whose family has failed to locate her.

The Speaker sought an explanation from the government saying that Parliament needed to know what is behind the alleged kidnappings and also have them charged.

“This is a very serious matter; we need to come out clean and expose the people who are abducting people because if people are going to be abducted left, right and center, will we move from here to the gate?” Among said.

She said that people could be blaming the government and yet it is some other individuals kidnapping Ugandans.

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The Speaker also said that there were threats of assassination against her and demanded that the Prime Minister and the Minister of Internal Affairs carry out investigations into the alleged kidnappings.

“We need a report on those arrests, on the assassinations, we need a report in two weeks,” she said.

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja said: “We are going to handle this issue with utmost urgency, we are going to protect you, and nothing is going to happen to you.”

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