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Inefficient Service Delivery Irks Greater Ngoma Locals; Demand for District Status


Going by the huge number of livestock that generate relatively a good income for most locals of the area, one may assume Greater Ngoma cattle corridor residents are well off. However, the revelation by locals indicates a huge number of challenges within the region which has since left the area under development.

Located less than 100km from Kampala City, residents said that their area has greatly suffered from inadequate and poor service delivery in line with among others road network, education infrastructure, Health facilities, and safe water.

GNDF Chairperson Prof. Wilber Ahebwa addresses attendees
GNDF Chairperson Prof. Wilber Ahebwa addresses attendees

To this end, the residents under their umbrella body Greater Ngoma Development Foundation (GNDF) held a district status advocacy launch in Ngoma Town Council to push for a district status curved from the vast Nakaseke district.

Patrick kaweesa, one of the residents of the area said that the greater Ngoma Cattle corridor has continued suffering at the expense of the huge revenue collected from the livestock products that come from the region.

“Social service delivery is extremely poor and worrying, one has to move an estimated distance of 50-80 miles from Bulyamusenyu to have access to health services at Nakaseke referral hospital,” he said.

Sadly, access to water is crippled by long distances equivalent to 2-5 kilometers. The same dam water is shared amongst people and livestock.

LineSteppa Community

“We fetch water from Dams but cows also drink from the same dams, we’ve since been exposed to diseases because the same cows end up urinating and defecating in the same water, we don’t have government-constructed water bodies, most boreholes belong to individuals. We kindly ask our leaders to do the needful because the district is too big,” said Pius Sseryazi while he fetched water from a given Dam in Kololo Zone, Ngoma Town council alongside cows that were drinking from the dam.

The education sector within the area has also since registered backtracks as a number of schools have closed over lack of students which is brought about by poor standards. The poor standards according to Isanga Kizza the chairperson of Ngoma sub-county are due to a lack of minimum supervision.

“For example Gomero primary school, here in Ngoma sub county closed but also as per government policy, every sub-county is entitled to have a seed secondary school but this hasn’t affected all greater Ngoma Sub counties,” said Kizza.

Gomero primary school closed

Nakaseke stands out among the biggest districts with over 15 sub-counties, the huge size has limited service provision; a reason Greater Ngoma People are agitating for attention.

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The region is blessed with a myriad of tribes which include Baganda, Banyankore, Banyoro, Nubians, Bahooro, and Bakiga, and is engaged in large, medium, and small-scale cattle and crop agriculture.

In regard to bettering social service delivery, The locals who also included Area MPs Sarah Najjuma, Honorable Nyongore, GNDF Chairman Prof. Wilber Ahebwa, area local government leaders and Elders as well as the business community, believe the district status will enable budgetary allocation to this specific area which is hoped to address the above challenges as well as the creation of employment opportunities for the increasing number of educated youth in the area.

The locals want the Greater Ngoma area; Ngoma Town council, Kinyogoga, Wakyato, Kinoni, and Ngoma Sub-Counties curved from the vast Nakaseke District and elevated into a district.

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