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I Sold My Land in Kira to Buy ACME’s First Office Furniture; Dr. Peter Mwesige Officially Hands Over to Dr. George Lugalambi

Dr. Peter G Mwesige arriving at ACME Offices during the handover on Friday

Dr. Peter Mwesige has officially handed the Office of the Executive Director of the African Centre for Media Excellence (ACME) to his replacement Dr. George Lugalambi.

In a colorful function held at ACME Offices on Friday this week, Dr. Mwesige, the co-founder of ACME highlighted some of the challenges they faced especially during the start.

“I remember selling my 50 decimal plot in Kira to go to Dubai to buy furnishings for the ACME office. And when our first funders visited the office, they were in awe,” he said

Former ACME ED Dr. Peter Mwesige speaking during the handover

He had held the position of ED for the last 12 years until early June 2022 when he announced his retirement. Before founding ACME, Dr. Mwesige worked as the Group Training Editor of the Nation Media Group, Head of the Department of Journalism and Communication at Makerere University, and the Executive Editor at Monitor Publications Ltd.

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“The other thing I remember was that— out there, the word was— ACME has money. Even people who would have given us money feared to give. We had to convince people that the little we get, we put it to good use,”—

He said that nothing had given him as much pleasure, “as responses I got after announcing this ACME transition,”

“ACME gave us an opportunity to speak to a bigger constituency of journalism,”

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A cartoon of former ACME ED Dr. Peter Mweisige by NMG’s Chris Atukwasize

While receiving the mantle from his predecessor, Dr. Lugalambi who not only thanked Dr. Mwesige for his resilience but appealed to the team to as well be supportive to him to enable the smooth running of the institution.

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 “There is no need to be shy about where you want to go and inviting people to buy into your vision. My main ask to all of you is to support us to build an organization that is financially able,” he said adding,

Different Senior Journalists have described Dr. Mwesige as the Mentor of all Mentors

“It’s not every day that you find so much color at our offices. Today is indeed a special day! We bid farewell to our founding executive director,”

Testimonies from Senior Journalists

DaParrot has collected some of the testimonies that have been posted by some of the senior journalists in praise of Dr. Peter Mwesige.

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Solomon Serwanja, the ED of African Institute of Investigative Journalism: Today we celebrate my mentor, friend, and a general in the media space Dr. Mwesige as he leaves the leadership of ACME.

The staff at ACME presented a gift of love to him for the leadership. Thank you for mentoring all of us. We wish you the best as a young journalist, Dr. Mwesigye has nurtured us into the people we are today. The Solomon Serwanja people talk about has been a product of ACME Thank you for ‘okutulera’

Iganga journalists Association: We celebrate the great work of senior Dr.Mwesige and thank him for his contribution to Uganda’s Media fraternity, he played his role in mentoring & Inspiring the young generation, today many young Journalists are proud of him as he retires

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Gabriel Buule Senior Features Writer at The Daily Monitor: What a man! What a human! I thank God that in my career as a journalist, I have seen a Ugandan journalist with ethics and morals. Dear Dr.Mwesige, thank you for being different, thank you for loving journalism, and thank you for training us. we will always value you

 Abiaz Rwamwiri: My teacher and friend Dr. Peter Mwesige, you are an inspiration. Your mark on journalism in the region is impressive and for those of us who have been lucky to go through your hands, we are more than honored. But @chrisatuk that stick in the left hand, man has had it for ages

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Benon M. Gowa: Good to see he never succumbed to ‘the founder syndrome’ which prevails in so many civil society groups. The perpetual holding of posts by individuals undermines the credibility of civil society groups to critique the state, especially in regard to term limits for the president.

 Rose Mary Kemigisha Journalist and Human Rights Defender: Writing his name in the annals of history…..midwifing a baby to greatness, not pocketing the organization, letting go at the height of its greatness. And of course the peaceful handover. Greatness talks for itself….no trumpeters. Congrats Dr.

Patience Atuhaire, a Senior Broadcast Journalist at BBC Africa: A brilliant mind and mentor to many in journalism and media in Uganda and across the continent, Dr. Peter Mwesige retires from ACME. So many of us have benefited from his advice and counsel, and we are proud to see him off as he heads on his next venture.

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