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How I came to be a part of the WILD RUN


By Nasasira Tindimwebwa

Let us go back into time, shall we?
It was July 2018, if my memory serves me well, when an opportunity to take some time off work became available and it was all I could do not to jump at the chance.

I was several months along, and by this time, smells were the bane of my existence. Not just the exhaust fumes in Kampala traffic, not the different bodily sprays that Kampala folk like to douse themselves in, not even the aroma of top tier delicacies could change my mind about my sensory experience. Overwhelmed. Nauseous. I couldn’t take much more.

We bundled into a jeep and made our way to Queen Elizabeth and Rwenzori Mountain National Parks for the next five days or so. The drive was scenic, I distinctly remember the view of a magnificent elephant and her family making their way through the mash before you get to Kasese.

We turned off before Kasese to make landfall and get a bite to eat, Queen Elizabeth National Park.
There was a family of mongoose living in the same commune as we had been assigned by the Uganda Wildlife Authority personnel hosting us. I remember because I could only stomach mangoes, and as such I had carried a small dozen of the ones the size of a grown human being’s head. I found myself cutting a piece, maybe the whole mango to share with the tiny animal family that was going to be sharing space with us for the next couple of days.

In the evening we were treated to some fresh fish, I presumed from the lake close by, and to accompany the meal, the melodious sounds of hippopotamuses down in the same lake. We retired to our quiet abode until morning the next day.

A boat ride had been scheduled so after breakfast we made our way to the pier to be able to board the vessel. We took numerous photographs of the wildlife from crocodiles lying on the river banks, to hippopotamuses swimming in the lake, the bird population and various species had me stunned at what wealth of biodiversity Uganda has, speaking generally.
To crown the day, I found myself having yet another fish dinner punctuated by the snorting sounds of the hippopotamuses in the distance, and a quiet night’s rest.

The morning of the third day of 27th July 2018, my company and I hit the road and made a beeline for Rwenzori Mountains National Park in the early hours of the morning. I soon discovered it was a community wild run premised on the preservation of wildlife and sustainable interaction with the human communities living in close proximity to the wildlife. It was called WILD RUN. And at its heart or engine is (he continues to organize this program each year at different National Parks, major Forests and special Tourism destinations of Uganda ) a young gentleman, Muhiire Abdul is his name.

From where I was sitting (I could only be on my feet a few hours at a time) the local community and visitors from out of town, converged on the town of Nyakalingija as the Wild Run start point at the foot of Rwenzori Mountains National Park and promptly walked and run the stretch of course marked out by the WILD RUN officials. The people were flagged at 8:00am maybe earlier. The faster ones ran ahead while us slower ones, took our time walking at our pace until we also finished the race.

So do not disqualify yourself from any community wild walks and runs in the name of ‘whatever-it’s-name-is’, I made it through the WILD RUN, so can you.
At the finish line, the winners were awarded prizes. There were some speeches from invited guests, and in the whole, the community was in a good mood for what was left of the rest of their day.

I am therefore inviting you, this 2024. Save the date 30th March 2024.
This years’ two WILD RUNS are going to be happening in Buhoma – Bwindi Impenetrable National Park on 30th March 2024 (Wild Run and Easter Holiday) and Ishasha – Queen Elizabeth National Park on 28th December 2024 (Wild Run and Christmas holiday) , make arrangements to register ( https://forms.gle/XBEtxUKMPsjhEFFRA ) and be there, bring the family along, there are memories to be made anywhere there is the WILD RUN.
God bless you.

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