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How Canada Based Entity is Using Scholarships to Fight Poaching in Game Parks


As the third term draws near, parents in different parts of the country, especially in rural areas are increasingly scared on where they will raise money to pay for their Children’s school fees.

The entire country has been hit by the negative inpact of covid-19, Ebola and the Russia-Ukraine war, which resulted into increasing inflation, reduced domestic borrowing hence low income among citizens.

Thos trend is worse when it comes to communities living near game parks and slum areas since the money scarcity is seen from the hardly single meal they survive on in a day.

Some (in game parks) chose to make poaching an economic activity, to raise the capital for their children while a few, have maintained the issue of wildlife conservation, although both of them are still hut by extreme poverty, resulting into continued ignorance.

To download size the trend of poaching, ignorance and reward the conservationists, Nexim International Development Organization (NIDO), a Canada headquartered non-profit international organization has sincce 2019 been giving scholarships to children of wildlife conservationists and Kampala, Wakiso slum areas to improve their lives.

Under this program, NIDO constructed the Mother Kevin Primary School in Maya, Wakiso district and partnered with several others to help different pupils and students.

250 pupils and students have benefited since 2019.

Some of the benefiting communities Include; Kanyanya, Tula, Kyengera, Katunguru, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kihiihi and Bwindi.

“We apparently have given out 50 scholarship in primary, secondary and Kihihi poli-technical, these people’s are supported since they can’t manage to educate their children yet they are helping in conserving wildlife,” Andrew Kawooya, the Country Liaison Officer of NIDO told reporters during a press interaction on Tuesday.

“We are also extending support to vulnerable communities in Kawempe through two major programs Including; Soccer under Freaky and Soul Winners Soccer academis, and MDD through Suubi Cultural Trope, priority is given to communities leaving near game parks because we want to change people’s mindsets from poaching,” he said.

From Left: Lillian Nansereko, the Principal of Mother Kevin Primary School, Emmanuel Jal the South Sudanese Rapper and the Ambassador of NIDO, Andrew Kawooya the Country Liaison Officer of NIDO and John Bosco Mujumba the Board Chairperson of Mother Kevin Schools during the press conference at Mother Kevin Primary School Maya on Tuesday

Upon arrival, these students amd pupils who some are over age take time to cope up with their City based colleagues.

“As qualified teachers we first orient these children and ensure that they familiarise with their colleagues, we later start teaching them why wiild animals are important and by the time they go back to their homes, they have become good ambassadors of wildlife conservation,” Lilian Nansereko, the Principal of Mother Kevin Primary School told DaParrot in an Exclusive interview.

“We don’t start right away to teach them the class work, this comes slowly after shaping them to match with others,” she added.

To ensure that students are not only taught theory lessons, Nanserko said practicals lessons were activated and by the time they leave ghe the school, majority if not all know what to do.

“Our aim is to bring out children who are all round (practically ready) by the time they finish their seven years in primary. This literally means that by the time we release a child, he should be able to have skills on Music, Dance and Drama, Sports and media related since we have the News Network Club,” she said.

“We plan on expanding and start training them in mechanics, tailoring among others because our goal is to produce result oriented students,” she added.

Emmanuel Jal is a former South Sudanese Child soldier and the Ambassador of NIDO.

He has been in Uganda for the past 9 days, and toured most of the places.

Students of Mother Kevin Primary School Maya performing during the press conference

“Football is being used as a common identity, boys are being brought together which is in trun creating wellness, leadership trainings and show young people that there is more for lige,” Jal said.

“By providing pupils and students an opportunity to study, they are able to live a productive life, awa from criminal activities. Similarly, pupils and students in Queen Elizabeth National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park have been given bursaries to study, get enlightenment of the value of preserving and conserving wildlife for posterity,” he added.

The warm welcome, on going skills development and hospitality among Ugandans, has been part of his mesmerizing stay in Ugansa.

“I have never received a warm reception like the one i had here, i was welcomed by nice dances, served with numerous food,” he said adding,

“Uganda has plenty of food, there is food for everyone you can’t see even a street kid starving unlike other countries where people are starving on streets here food is never an issue. I toured the game parks, welcomed by energetic but unique cultural dances, it has been an amazing experience,” he said.

NIDO), being a not-for-profit entity is using football and education to give hope to children in underprivileged communities.

He visited different places, Including; Bwindi Impenetrable National park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls and Mama Kevin Primary School in Maya, Wakiso district

On a surprising note, Jal says he saw women in communities living near the national parks, actively engaging in wildlife conservation.

“They know if they don’t protect wildlife, Tourists won’t come and they will not sell their creativea, food, exhibit their cultures among others,” he said

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