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Details on Sudhir, Three Other City Tycoons Investigations will be Revealed Soon says Minister Mayanja


By DaParrot Investigation Desk

Hon Sam Mayanja, the State Minister for lands has further confirmed that indeed the four business moguls are under investigation over alleged illegal land deals.

Mayanja joined the Inspector General of Governments (IGG) Hon. Betty Kamya who firmed receiving the Directive from the president.

Museveni said that the four business tycoons including; Sudhir Ruparelia, Godfrey Kirumira, Ephraim Ntaganda, and Hassan Basajja Balaba are involved in illegal land deals.

He said that the land is owned by the government but these moguls took over, constructed buildings, and again rented some to the government. Kamya confirmed that the president ordered this investigation.

These individuals are colluding with Lands Registry in creating fake land titles in wetlands,  gazetted forest reserves, lake, and river shores and on all public lands, where planned infrastructure like roads, railways, and power lines are due,”

These moguls reportedly trick the government for example once huge government infrastructure projects commence, they submit these fake land titles for billions in compensation.

Speaking to DaParrot, Mayanja said that they will soon elaborate on the issue and make it public,

It has just come this is a public issue which we won’t hide. All the terms of reference will be available for the public to know who is investigated, and on which issue is it his entire life or a particular transaction,’ he said

We don’t want the man to walk thinking all his property and entire life is under investigation. If you are to do such investigations like that which is public, especially on a big issue like that, it has to be public,

The land under investigation includes; Banda warehouses, Naguru Housing Estate, Bugolobi – Luthuli Swamp, Kagwa Bridge swamp, Kitiko -Kajjansi Swamp, Busega Round-about Swamp, Luzira Namanve Swamp, Kajjansi Forest Reserve.

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