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HoAYN pushes Campaign to Address stereotypes on Women in Media


By Abdu Kimera

With the intention of promoting the image of young girls and women in media across the Sub-Saharan region, the Horn of Africa Youth Network (HoAYN) is set to launch a campaign on the positive portrayal of young women and girls in media.

The campaign intends to bring together all media agencies, journalists, and content creators in the region as well as CSOs Young Women to collectively advocate for a fair portrayal of women in the media.

HoAYN is a regional network of youth-serving organizations that are working to foster sustainable, equitable, and youth-led development in the East and the Horn of Africa Region.

The She Leads Africa regional program seeks to promote Girls and Young Women (GYW) activism, amplify voices and advocate for their rights in regional decisional making spaces in order to contribute to the building of an African regional movement of GYW to champion and influence relevant actors to promote their participation in key spaces.

She Leads (a five-year) joint regional program that seeks to partner with critical journalists to conduct media advocacy as one of the strategies to influence and change the behavior, attitudes, policies, and practices on how to shape public debate and opinions.

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This campaign also dubbed ‘I am more than what you portray” will digitally run for three months in other countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, Mali, Sierra Leone, and Liberia due to the “Media Landscape Report” that highlighted the challenges journalists face in reporting gender issues such as the representation of GYW at the managerial level in the newsroom, priority of editors, lack of capacity on sensitive gender reporting among others in those countries.

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