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Health Ministry determined to create awareness of the importance of physical exercise.


Hon. Margret Muhanga the State Minister for Health in charge of Primary Healthcare has noted that the Ministry will continue to create awareness about the importance of physical exercise to all Ugandans.

According to Muhanga, all this is aimed at strengthening the efforts in the prevention and control of Non-communicable diseases that lately contribute to 75% of the disease burden in the country.

The State Minister’s remarks come at a time when the Health Ministry is organizing the National Day of physical activity that will be held at Kololo Independence grounds on Sunday.

“I appeal to Ugandans to embrace physical activity as a lifestyle, every day of your life do exercises, let’s prioritize it, and also let it be our responsibility.” Muhanga highlighted.

“These diseases affect people who don’t often exercise, physical inactivity weakens the body and it’s not good for us” she added.

The Minister also emphasized the public to visit government health centers for free medical check-ups because all non-communicable diseases are better prevented when detected in their early stages.

“Currently, there are many young people who get diabetes and blood pressure, you need to do regular checkups” she asserted.

In his remarks Dr. Ayoo Charles the commissioner of NCDs prevention and control called upon them to join them in this activity because exercise is for our own good.

“Exercise is medicine to us, we all know the burden of taking tablets, the best way to go is to prevent NCDs through healthy lifestyles” Dr. Charles highlighted.

Lately, NCDs are responsible for over 70% of the deaths globally and according to a recent report, deaths caused by hypertension, diabetes, asthma, and chronic respiratory diseases are on the rise.

According to Dr. Gerald Mutungi the assistant commissioner of NCDs prevention and control in the Health Ministry, these diseases are silent killers because they don’t show symptoms in their early stage. He, however, urged Ugandans to go for regular checkups whenever they are able.

Golola Moses the fitness coach and physical fitness ambassador emphasized that one doesn’t need money or a big workout place to do Physicals, but rather he or she can try them out at any convenience and space they have.

“Exercises bring appetite be it food or sexual appetite, I urge you all out there to try them out, it doesn’t matter whether you can afford gym fees or not you can do exercises everywhere” he asserted.

With the theme of “Regular physical activity for my health is my responsibility” the organizers of this third edition noted that this is a free entry event for all Ugandans and they will also offer screening services for those who will attend.

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