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Ham Denies Sueing Kabaka Over Kigo Land; Accuse BLB Officials of Smear Campaign After Court Stopped Cancelation of Land Titles


Business mogul Hamis Kigundu alias Ham, the Chief Executive Officer of Kilham Enterprise Ltd has accused officials of Buganda Land Board (BLB) of spreading a smear campaign with the aim of tarnishing his name.

On Thursday both social and mainstream media was awash with the news of Kigundu, suing the Kabaka.

In a statement released on Friday evening, Kiggundu said that all this was a smear campaign aimed at making him a bad person Infront of the King and others.

The purported fraudsters in (BLB), he said are led by Bashir Juma Kizito.

These, he said are misusing the Kabaka’s name to their advantage as a shield to Blackmail and assassinate the character of Businessman Hamis Kiggundu.

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In September 2022 the commissioner for lands had ordered the cancellation of Four titles of Kigo Land belonging to businessman Hamis Kiggundu through his Kiham Enterprises based on a complainant’s own minority report which contradicted the findings of the Comprehensive Joint Survey report made by the technical team commissioned by the tribunal.

It is clear that the Joint Survey team which was composed of staff from the lands department, Surveys and Mapping, Makerere University, NEMA, and Surveyors of the parties, concluded that Ham’s Freehold land titles are on public land. It was however not clear on what basis the minority report drafted by the complainant; Bashir Juma Kizito could find otherwise and whether this report was intended to serve the interests of the truth or that of the complaint.

Ham hence cited bias and in October 2022, Kiham Enterprises Ltd through its lawyers: Muwema and Co. Advocates appealed to the Land division of the High Court against the decision of the commissioner Land registration and to stop the cancellation of its freehold titles in Kyadondo Block 275 plots: 23974,23975,23976 and 23977 at Kigo.

The said titles were ordered to be canceled on September 6, 2022, unless an appeal is filed within 60 days from the date of the decision which were lapsing on November 4, 2022

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On November 03, 2022, Kiham Enterprises Ltd.’s Lawyer Tomusange Anthony and the Commissioner land registration’s lawyer Moses Ssekito executed a consent which the Court relied on to Stop the Office of the Commissioner Land Registration from Canceling Kiham Enterprises Ltd.’s aforementioned titles.

Dissatisfied by the Court decision the BLB fraudsters on November 10, 2022, resorted to blackmailing Ham and assassinating his character on the Kingdom media platforms using the Name of Kabaka on Social Media alongside Ham’s Memorandum of Appeal that arose from the Decision and Orders of the Commissioner Land Registration delivered by Mr. Mugaino Baker on the 6th day of September 2022 at Kampala. Claiming that Ham had sued the Kabaka yet Ham defended himself against claims filed against him by BLB.

Ham’s appeal against a decision to cancel his titles should not be mistaken for dragging Kabaka to court. BLB should desist from misusing the Name of Kabaka in pursuing their selfish interests. Are these the kind of Moral values and cultural norms that we should be teaching to our future generations?

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