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Involve us in your program for Collective Improvement of Our People’s Welfare—Minister Kabanda tells Iranian Cultural Consulate


Hajjat Minsa Kabanda, the Minister of Kampala Metropolitan Area has called upon the Iranian Cultural Consulate to always involve her ministry in their activities in order to uplift the lives of Kampalians.

Involve us in all Iranian events and programs so that they also work on the issues of Kampala city that need the experience and expertise of the Iranian people who are well developed in all fields,” she said

she made these remarks while officiating the Iranology seminar in Kololo this week. The Seminar focused on creativity, innovation, science, and technology.

The Minister also requested exchange programs including skilling programs, urban to urban meetings and seminars, and educational and scientific conferences.

As Government, we have plans to better the lives of people through sustainable use of the natural resources and working with partners like the Islamic Republic of Iran in unlocking culture, education, art, science, and technology for socio-economic transformation,” she said.

This event was organized by the Cultural Consulate of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Uganda and attracted a number of people including; the tour and travel operators from Uganda and the Islamic Republic of Iran, and representatives from the government.

Speaking at the event, H.E Mehdi Salehi, Iranian ambassador to Uganda welcomed invited guests and appreciated the Cultural Consular for organizing the wonderful seminar on tourism, health, education, science, and technology for the first time.

He appreciated the government of the Republic of Uganda for establishing peace and stability which enables a working environment for all visas viz its nature and excellent climate.

Hon. Naumo Juliana, the Commissioner for Gender and Culture from the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development requested the Islamic Republic of Iran to send experts and doctors in the field of cancer for two weeks and treat Ugandans.

She rallied Ugandans if they can put the family at the center of everything by observing cultural values as the Iranian ambassador highlighted in his presentation.

As the ministry, we are proud of the close working relations they have shared with the Islamic Republic of Iran and are hopeful that it will go a long way to contribute to national cohesion,” she said .

She said that her ministry, commit to the Islamic Republic of Iran in exchanging experts and professionals to better humanity.

I request for business to a business meeting with Iranian tourist operators, private sector professionals, and medical doctors among others to come to Uganda and share more of the opportunities in the Islamic Republic of Iran and Uganda which will be followed through the cultural consulate of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Iranian embassy in Uganda,” she said

Miss Mahnazi Shirazi from Iran Markaz International Tour Operators shared their exemplary work through their agency which has more than 2,000 operators.

While speaking via video conference from Tehran, Iran, Miss Mahnazi Shirazi, the represented by Mr. Yaghoub Ghasemi, the President of Iran Markaz International Tour Operator said that they work on both Inbound and outbound tours, planning, organizing, and operating leisure, business, Exhibition, Seminar and travel packages schedule & charter flights, Medical tourism, Admission of students in the Universities in Iran.

She said that they are ready to work with Ugandan counterparts to have a chartered plane direct from the Islamic Republic of Iran to Uganda to take business people, tourists, and other visitors visiting both countries once a week at relatively cheaper prices depending on the number of people traveling periodically.

On speaking, Dr. Rouhollah Dehghani, The Rector of Al-Mustafa Islamic College appreciated the organizers and invited guests to the Iranology. He informed participants about available education scholarships at Al-Mustafa Islamic College Kajjansi which are fully sponsored by the Iranian government and therefore he called upon those interested to go and seek admission at the college headquarters along Entebbe Road.

Prof. Adam Sebyala from Almustapha Islamic College said that it is the only the Islamic Republic of Iran that has survived economic sanctions and state terrorism from western administrations because of religious and republic governance; an Islamic system.

Iran is an island of peace and stability regardless of its neighbors in the middle east due to its unallied policy of neither to the west nor to the East which has kept it far away from its enemies who want to rule the world.

He said that when you go back to the Islamic culture, it’s only the Iranians who singlehandedly contributed to the Islamic civilization such as preserving the famous authentic books of Sahih Bukhari, Tirmith, Nasae, and Sahih Muslim, among others. They also wrote books that were destroyed by Mongolians in the house of wisdom and it was evidenced by water turning to the color of ink.

In science and technology, Iranians have progressed successively in the field of engineering, medicine, information, and technology. Iran receives students from all over the world including Uganda.

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