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Gulu hospital: University Officials meet Dr Rugunda


A section of officials from Gulu University led by Council Chairperson Mrs. Mary Theresa Obbo and the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Openjuru George Ladaah met their Chancellor Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda over the development of proposed multibillion 324 bed specialized hospital.

The officials made it clear that the unclear circumstances sorrounding the construction of the multibillion hospital had promoter them to come and seek Dr Rugunda’s guidance.

Prof. Openjuru  informed the Chancellor that the University has been getting constant feedback from the Ministry of Education based on the proposed Gulu University specialized Teaching Hospital, however, had not gotten any information from the Ministry of Health yet based on the letter the President wrote as quoted in the Media is the Ministry of Health to spearhead to initiate the process of the Memorandum of Understanding with the VAMED Engineering GmbH, the developer of the project.

When completed this hospital according to president Museveni’s July 12 letter quoted by local dailies will serve the people of Northern and Easter Uganda, and some communities of South Sudan and DRC.

A total of €155.2m (Shs620.8bn) will be spent in the next three years should the construction kick off.

Upon hearing from the VC’s submission, Dr Rugunda who was a premier in the NRM government called the minister of health, Dr. Aceng Ruth Jane to getban update.

The Minister told the meeting that she had just finished a meeting with the developer by that time and she would write to the Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development for them to make a decision on the project since is a loan and not a grant.

The Minister added that the Ministry of Health needs the loan clearance by the Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development if viable since is still at the proposal level.

Gulu University Chancellor told the delegation to give it one month as the Ministry of Health and Finance, Planning and Economic Development works on the part that is the most crucial for the project.

“There is a strong goodwill from the President, our role is to ensure that nothing blocks or delays this important project”. Noted Dr. Rugunda.

On the general development of the University, the Chancellor promised to be knocking on all doors to see that Gulu University develops.

Meanwhile, the Council Chairperson Mrs. Mary Theresa Obbo told the meeting that the University heavily needs the support of the Chancellor knocking on doors and lobbying to see that the University development funds are increased to accommodate the many developments the University is taking like the Business and Development Centre, Senate building, University Stadium among others.

Mrs. Obbo also made it clear that the delegation also wanted to brief the Chancellor on matters of the specialized Hospital that tops the media in Uganda by the 26th of September 2023.

Ojok James Onono, Gulu University Communications officer confirmed that the meeting took place.

Onono also added that the meeting with the Chancellor has given the University clear guidance on the matter and completely sorted the gap the University officials had on the project.

“We really thank the Minister of Health for all her efforts to see that the project is a success and I can tell you that the University officials will patiently wait for updates as the Chancellor has guided. I must say, we are all excited and can’t wait for His Excellency the President to do groundbreaking once the process between the Ministry of Health and Finance is sorted” An Excited Gulu University Communications Officer who attended the meeting told our reporter on Thursday evening.

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