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Fourth Heritage Initiative to Be Launched Today


The Fourth Heritage Initiative, an organization whose main initiative is to transform the mindset of Africans by creating a new Africa that is critical to the influences of tribes, religions, and colonialism will be launched today at the National Theatre, starting at exactly 2 pm.

The launch will be graced by prominent personalities, including educationist Fagil Mandy, celebrated actor and radio personality Abbe Mukiibi, the director of the National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) Dr. Grace Baguma, and Emmanuel S. Kirunda, the chairman of the Fourth Heritage Initiative.

Hon. Betty Amongi the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development is expected to grace the launch

Kirunda last week told journalists that the issue mindset shift journey, started when he was still a student at the University of Texas at Austin in the USA, where he authored his first book titled The Fourth Heritage.

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He followed it up with The Fourth Republic and the newest Beyond the Fourth Heritage.

He believes that reading is a proper tool for mindset change.

“At this time in history, in 2022, we Africans have the knowledge to shape our mindsets beyond the limiting aspects of our cultures, colonialism, and foreign religious influences,” he said.

Charles Batambuze, the Vice Chairman of the National Cultural Forum, one of the organizers also said that reading liberates leaders and society. Therefore, he said, right from religious books to academics, successful people read at least 12 books a year.

Speaking at the same presser, Yvonne Mpanga, the Business Development Consultant and the Executive Director of Business Trendsetters’ Forum, noted that Kirunda, who also doubles as the 2022 Business Trends Pacesetter, has set a trend where efforts toward Africa’s liberation from the herd mentality, copycatism and self-hate can be realized.

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Kirunda has partnered with UNCC for the 4th Heritage Initiative launch.

Andrew Ssebaggala, the UNCC Production Manager, said the Initiative is aligned with their mandate which is to preserve, promote and popularize Uganda’s cultural heritage locally and internationally through entertainment and education.

Timothy Mununuzi, a director at 4th Heritage Initiative, rallied the public to throng the UNCC in big numbers that day for the launch.

He encouraged the general public to embrace the change Africa needs by freeing their minds for positive change.

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