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Five million kilograms of food are wasted annually as millions of Ugandans suffer hunger-study


About five million kilograms of food waste is reported in Uganda annually-, according to the the 2021 UN Environment Program Food Waste Index Report.

This is amidst increasing hunger and insecurity which has caused deaths in some parts of the country like Karamoka sub region.

The report indicated that every Ugandan on average throws away an average of 103Kgs of food each year, amounting to a total 4,546 metric tons.

It further revealed that Uganda loses 6462 metric tons of food waste from restaurants and other food hubs while farmers lose more than 30-50% of their crops particularly in grain, fruit and vegetables in post-harvest and 80% lost on farm.

Speaking to reporters during that world commemorates the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste, activists called for a concerted efforts towards ending this vice.

The programme manager of Food Rights Alliance Claire Atukunda said that this figure reflects a huge loss in a country where over 10m Ugandans are food insecure.

She has called for the establishment of a formidable national food distribution system to reverse this trend.

“We advocate for the establishment of a clear formidable food distribution system in this country. There’s need for a system of how we can actually produce our food, push it to the different regions in the country so that people can equally have food all the seasons of the year,” Atukunda said.

Relatedly,Gerald Kato, an official from Hunger Project Uganda, has urged Ugandans to drop the cultural norms and practices like weddings that largely influence consumption behavior that precipitates food waste.

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